5 Effective Home Pain Relief Treatment Options That Many People Don’t Know About

Believe it or not, buying some prescription medicines to treat certain illness can be very expensive; as a matter of fact, it can sometimes cost more that visiting your doctor or physician. For some of these illnesses, it may even be more economical to treat them at the comfort of your own home by looking for alternative means of treatment at home, especially when you are on a tight budget.

For some safe and easy treatments at home, here are some home pain relief options for certain illnesses and their treatment:

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome can result from excessive use of computer or other repetitive motions for an extended period of time. For those suffering from this condition surgeries are often the best option especially in serious cases, however, this condition can also be treated at home with great deal of success by using ice pack at home. Putting an ice pack at the area that is swollen for up to 10 minutes at a time for at least 3 times a day can be very helpful.

Heat and ice for back pain: For back pain treatment, using either heat pad or ice pad for 12 to 15 minutes at a time, few times a day can help reduce certain back pain. Putting hot pad or cold ice pack either separately or interchangeably can greatly reduce back pain. The heating pad can either be put in the microwave, or in the freezer. Another recommended old remedy for easing joint and ligaments pains is carrot juice.

Arthritis: Paraffin wax treatment is the best home pain relief for arthritis. Using it two or three times a week will deliver the much-needed benefits. You can also use it on your feet and elbows. Avoid consuming beans, nuts and legumes to prevent arthritic pains.

Fibromyalgia: Exercise is the most recommended home treatment to relieve fibromyalgia pain. Yoga and stretching helps to loosen tight muscles and prevent muscle spasms. Consuming garlic or garlic powder also reduce fibromyalgia pain and improves blood pressure. Bathing in warm water with Epsom salt removes toxins and provides comfort for stiffness and fatigue.

Other natural pain relievers that can be found in your home are Chamomile and lavender tea. These mixed with honey and citrus fruits can help reduce sore throat and calm the nerves. Coffee and cocoa are also natural antioxidants and can protect our cells from free radicals.

As you can see, some of these home pain relief remedies are better than some pharmaceutical pain relievers we buy.

Without a doubt, some at home pain relievers as well as other natural remedies that are inexpensive are better than most prescription painkiller on the market today, simply because they are safe, effective and inexpensive. Yes, some pharmaceuticals are fast acting and can be more effective sometimes over home pain relief remedies; however, their devastating side effects sometimes can out-weight their effectiveness.

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