5 Steps To Learn How To Meditate

Everyone wants to learn how to meditate. Over the years meditation has became a very popular exercise. Learning how to clear your mind of thoughts and being at peace can make you feel better. The people that have been practicing meditation for years often say they can leave there body. Some can meditate anytime regardless of noise able to block out any sounds. Pay attention if you want to learn about meditation first find a comfortable place free of noise this will help your meditation process. Then start thinking nice thoughts as your finding a comfortable position to relax and clear your mind.
(1) Pick a position that is comfortable and relaxing to you either by laying down on your back or sitting up straight. Next try to focus on a object this could a candle or picture then lower eyes halfway down.
(2) Breathing exercise is to help you relax also starting with slow deep breathing. You want your stomach to rise and fall and your chest still. When doing breathing exercise inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds repeating exercise for 15-20 mins.
(3) Doing this will help relax your body and also any muscle tension.
(4) At first focusing will be hard often your mind wander. Remember to stay focused our objective clearing mind free of all the stress and focusing on one point. Finally, your mind will start going to that one thought this is what you want.
(5) Next, once you have established how to focus on one thing. Then you should try training your mind to focus on nothing clearing your mind. You will have to be determined and very disciple casting away or letting it come into your mind then releasing thought without labeling. Then returning back to a clear peaceful and quiet mind.
Another great tip is locating a comfortable noise free place. Choosing an outside area listen to the birds and looking at the sky can be very relaxing. Now some people have meditation rooms that is relaxing and very comfortable space full of candles, pillows and calming music playing. A very effective technique is praying while meditating.

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