5 Ways To Make Your Meditation More Effective

Tip 1: Choose a certain time to do the meditation every day. Always do the meditation at the same time, this will set you up mentally and thus you will be more likely to get into a meditative state faster. I personally recommend setting aside a at least 30 minutes everyday.

Most meditation techniques will give you a certain time during which it is said that the meditation will be of most benefit. However it must be remembered that using the stated times is not nessecarry. Remember that almost all meditation techniques will need to be revised more or less to meet the ways of the person doing the meditation (That means you). This also includes changing the time stated if that time does not work for you, or you are buzy at that time or you simply hate that time.

Tip 2: Choose a room in which you can remain undisturbed for the duration of your meditation. The location you choose should also be as noise free as possible. If you cannot find a noise free place you may consider investing in some noise canceling headphones. If you have family or friends or someone living with you, you may want to tell them that you are not to be disturbed during that time and to make as less noise as possible. Having a certain time also helps your family members remember the time they are not supposed to disturb you.

Tip 3: Develop a meditation technique and stick to it. Sticking to one technique will help you to adapt to that technique so that it will become easier with practice not to mention take far less time to get to the meditative state. Remember from tip1 that most meditation techniques need to be changed somewhat, so do not be afraid to change the details of the meditation technique you choose so that it suites you.

Tip 4: Do NOT Stress. If you are a beginner with meditation you may find that this is the most important tip you could ever have. If you stress you will not be able to relax. Its the complete opposite from what you are trying to do. Do not be nervous (or at least try) during meditation. And even more important is that you do not get frustrated after the meditation, specially if you do not see any changes. Learn to take note of small changes and improvements caused by your meditations because focusing on those changes will cause more positive changes, however being angry may cause the changes to instead slow down.

Tip5: Meditate with Purpose. Despite what you may read, meditation is actually an active thing that you need to do. It will not suffice to just sit there and assume that the meditation will do itself. rather it is something that you actually need to take active action to do it.

Bonus tip: Stretch out before beginning. It is not a requirement to do the streches, but it helps during meditation by helping you to relax.

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Article by Kaleshwar Chand

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