8 Effective Ways To Zazen Meditation

Zen Buddhism is in demand due to its one of a kind practices however, there is another type of meditation that shines among the rest- and it is known as Zazen, this means ‘sitting meditation’.

Zazen was first learned and exercised by Zen monks but there’s a modern day more efficient variation having the same benefits.

Here are 8 steps of Zazen meditation that you could follow from home.

1. First step is to find a quiet and peaceful place that you can meditate without interruptions.

2. 2nd step will be to follow a completely full or half lotus sitting position. An alternate position is to sit onto your knees or on the chair. Use of a Zafu or cushion to acquire a much more comfy experience.

3. The 3rd step will be to be certain that you are in upright spine alignment when performing this activity. Bear in mind that this kind of meditation requires you to accomplish deep breathing. Right posture is important as it allows you to breathe deeply without having problems.

4. The fourth step is to put your two hands in your lap.

5. The 5th step is to center on your breathing by closing your eyes totally.

6. The sixth step is to repeat this breathing technique ten times. Inhale deeply, hold and exhale slowly. Ensure that the exhales are relaxed and the hold is maintained for a few seconds.

7. The seventh step is to do this activity for approximately fifteen minutes. Make sure to pay close attention to the inward and outward flow of your breath at the nose. Important: When thoughts arise, simply ignore them.

8. Last but not least, conclude your meditation by gradually opening your eyes. Take in everything that you can see in your environment. Just after a couple of minutes, get up slowly.

The main goal of Zazen meditation is to develop one’s awareness from within, and create a calm peaceful mindset. Zazen meditation is not just mere sitting and exercising, it allows a person to find solutions to personal issues and problems.

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