A Brain Tumor Symptoms – Do You Have ?

Most people will say “No” to that question, and they are probably correct. But many of us ignore the symptoms of brain tumors for far too long. We may not be familiar with all the symptoms or we may get bad medical advice.

I speak from painful and nearly fatal experience. Severe depression was my primary symptom, but a neurologist told me the tumor he found through an MRI of my brain could not possibly have caused my debilitating sadness. Another neurologist found the tumor five years later, after I had made three serious suicide attempts. A neurosurgeon removed the tumor in an emergency operation and my mind and ability to cope returned.

I learned the hard way that personality changes can signal brain tumors. Other people who have serious personality changes that cannot be corrected by psychotherapy or prescription medicine should see a neurologist as soon as possible. The more obvious symptoms of brain tumors are recurring headaches and seizures, neither of which I had.

There are many other signs of brain tumors, and serious Internet research will give you more information.

I was lucky in one way. My tumor, a meningioma, was benign. Most meningiomas are, but they can do major damage if left alone to grow and damage the brain. My hearing and vision suffered, and I had to learn to walk again, but I was extremely fortunate not to have additional long-term problems.

Women, for some reason, have meningiomas more often than men. At long last, meningioma research is a growing field. Again, Internet research will direct you to the hospitals and researchers doing that work.

Do not ignore symptoms that might indicate a brain tumor. See a neurologist and take a list of the symptoms you have to the visit with you. Unless the neurologist convinces you that you do not have a tumor, ask for a brain MRI.

You will probably not have a brain tumor, but if you do it is better to learn about it as soon as possible. You also will need to have the best medical advice, even if you have to travel to a center that specializes in brain tumors. Many brain tumor specialists will review MRIs and other test data you send them before you visit and communicate with your local doctors. That could save you an expensive trip while reassuring you that an expert considered the treatment you need.

Remember to advise your friends and family about brain tumor symptoms. Knowing what to look for can help us survive brain tumors and other serious health problems. Take charge of your health.

Look at General Symptoms Of Brain Tumor.we hope to help you better understanding of Symptoms of Brain Tumor in Children.

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