A Method Termed As “Intuitive Reading”

You know very well how frustrating it feels like when nobody is there to answer your question, not even you! Your frustration will be lead simply by just two possibilities. You will have ample of answers or none at all.

A simple effort from your side can help you getting the answers of such questions. All you need to do is sit comfortably in a quiet place and write a random question three times on the paper and at the same time say it loudly to yourself. For an example, what will be your future this year?

There must be something banging inside your head once you hear the question. Just adopt the process of free writing i.e. writing the first thing appearing to your mind.

You are just doing what is popping up inside your head. Do not manipulate your answer by applying extra thought to it. You can even draw something what is there in your mind rather than writing it in words.

The child which you never wish to take out because of the day to day roles and responsibility, bring him/her out and put it on the paper. Your hand that is not used for day to day activity will help you best in drawing the picture of the thing inside your mind.

Remember, no one is going to judge you for your answer. So, just write it down whatever you feel and take as much time as possible. Write until you are satisfied with your answer.

Now just close your eyes as well as start thinking about the answers that came to your mind when you heard the question. Just think about how you wrote all the stuffs. Now open your eyes and see your answer. This is a totally new thing that came solely from your mind without any enforcement. You need to welcome this fresh and new message of yours.

This entire process is called intuitive reading. And why not, it took out the thing from you that you were never being able to know. So now, when you do not find any answer for anything, just trust your intuition that you fail to notice because of your own logics. Intuition speaks about the gut feeling that comes first and foremost to our mind.

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