A Practical Start To Deep Meditation

An example of meditation

Meditation can be thought of as highly focused thought but many people practice clear mind meditation which is just that, clearing your mind of all disruptive thought and concern. This is appropriate when first learning meditation and you are wise to return to this model semi regularly after you have achieved the basics and have familiarized yourself with freeing your mind from distractions and worries. You can begin practicing visualization.

Visualization is when you can see what you are thinking about. The more you practice this the more crisp the images will be. Many times I remember where I placed something by “seeing” where I put it but this is only one advantage and just the tip of the ice berg of things you can accomplish with visualization. Also this can extend to all your senses.

Asking questions of yourself!

You should begin questioning your subconscious for resolutions. When you ask acquaintances for answers to some dilemma they are not as interested in giving a worthy response as you are in attaining one.

As you begin to get more proficient with clearing your mind of external distractions you will become more able to listen to your inner mind for suggestions to specific questions you ask of it. Whether you believe it or not you remember being born and every experience you ever had and all of the situations you have ever dealt with.

This may not be on a conscious level but those memories are still there and are available for your subconscious to utilize in providing answers. It does not only draw on these memories but processes information more rapidly and efficiently than your conscious mind will allow.

Ever become oblivious to the title of an old move you once loved, and after a while it just suddenly came back to you? That was your subconscious surfacing the title for you and this is just one way information served up and provided to you from that other part of your mind.

A way to start meditating now:

Find a location without racket or other annoyances, assume a relaxed position, shut your eyes and start breathing in from your nose and exhaling from your mouth, holding your breath for a couple seconds (or whatever is a comfortable duration) between breaths, this is going to get you started in setting a rhythm and it is also providing your brain more oxygen.

Maintain breathing in this fashion continuously through the meditation. Now start to visualize a blank painting canvas, no Mona Lisa, no works by Picasso, and no one leaning over the easel with paintbrush in hand. With a little practice you should be able to keep other imagery to a minimum. Now start paying attention to the heaviness of your body and start loosening tension in your muscles.

Every time you exhale relax everything a little more. If you find you have problems relaxing your body parts, tense them for a moment, but not too much you don’t want to cause any cramping, and then release that tension while paying attention to the sensation of letting it go.

Good now you should be able to allow yourself to relax a little more with each exhale. When you feel like you are almost floating or swaying, you have reached self guided light meditation.

Now keep this up for the duration you had set aside previously (use a timer if needed, the ticking will only help with rhythm) and when you are completed you will have just had your first experience with meditation.

You should continue this several times a week for the span of a month, then begin changing your imagery. When the images become detailed you are ready to start using Deep Meditation with directed purpose.

If you begin trying to recall stuff or grasp new ideas that seem to flee from you, allow yourself some time and the solutions will materialize suddenly when you expect it the least, so long as your urge continues for a solution.

Thanks for reading I hope you found this helpful.

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