A Successful Future Needs A Past Regression

Past life regression teaches different techniques, which when learned and put into practice, will help you to recall your previous life or lives. Of course you will need to decide which of the available methods is best for you. With more and more people beginning to be interested in reincarnation people are needing to find out about these different techniques.

A very good starting point is keeping a journal. Later on it will help you to identify patterns when you refer back to it. It is important to record all your thoughts, even over things that seem irrelevant. Because it is generally believed that emotions play a significant role in linking us to past lives, it is also important that you record yours in your journal as well. This could be anything, such as an irrational fear of heights.

A good way to start this journal is to write down things like your likes and dislikes, phobias, food, being drawn to certain time periods, architecture, food, cultures, and climates. Also add things like times of Dj Vu, talents and occupations, the kind of animals and your personality and maybe even birthmarks.

Your journal is also useful for recording the details of your dreams if you can remember them. Dreams can provide vital clues for our past life but it is important to remember that our dreams contain information from our current life as well, nevertheless, it is useful to record any dreams that you have.

Another way to go is Past life Regression.

A past life regression therapist guides you through your past life and interprets the information with your help. These therapist are trained professionals who use hypnosis. With time some people can learn to do self-hypnosis but for those who cannot, seeing a past life regression therapist can prove very beneficial and helpful.

Many people choose meditation as their preferred method.

When meditating there is usually no professional assisting and so many people find it difficult to trust the information they get during their sessions. But trusting your feelings as well as your instincts is necessary with meditation.

Although many beginners feel that instead of meditating they are only daydreaming, important information can and does come through, so it is necessary to record what you experience during the meditation in your journal.

A lot of people find that listening to music while they meditate is all they need to be able to relax and focus their minds. Alternatively, you might prefer to listen to the soothing and calming sound of water, or the helpful guided meditation audios that are available today. Lighting a pleasant smelling incense or burning some scented candles can help you to relax as well. Whatever you choose to help, it is important that you are completely relaxed and focused. If none of these do the trick then you might want to try something else.

Binaural Beats

This a type of audio process that when listening to various frequencies you can achieve a state of meditation that Zen monks can reach. When meditating, make sure it is somewhere quiet and peaceful. It is important that you can get comfortable whether sitting or lying down. While getting comfortable focus on relaxing and maintain a positive frame of mind.

It is important to relax your muscles and not get distracted by daily concerns. When that happens just acknowledge them and dismiss them. At first, this going to take some practice to get the hang of it. So don’t be surprised if nothing happens the first few times. Meditation takes practice. But when the true state of meditation happens questions will start to come. The answers may come to you when you are not looking.

This technique maybe of help in resolving issues in your current life. Some people have found that sometimes the people in their current life they have shared with a life with them before. In this way, you can do some research to verify the information received.

Reincarnation is present in every religion from Christianity to the Hindus. Some of these religions so strongly believe in reincarnation that they believe that any thing you do in one life for either good or bad will be paid for in the next life known as Karma. Then again knowing what happened to you in the past life may help you make a positive change in this one.

As with many things it is important that you keep an open mind about what you discover. You need to be able to accept the information you receive about your past life, because that will enable you to not only learn from past mistakes, but also afford you the opportunity to correct them in your current life, making it better than the previous one.

Many experts in these area feel that has very positive impacts on your life now due to fore mentioned, learning from the past and if you still don’t accept past lives your subconscious may free a block in your mind that has had a negative effect on your body. There are other benefits from having done a past life regression.

Practically speaking, past life regression enables you to identify those things you did in a past life that resulted in negative consequences and not repeat those same mistakes. It is important for the well-being of your present life that you address the issues from the previous ones.

Being able to see what you were or like in the past may help you see a hidden talent that was just waiting to be brought to the front and so help you live a richer, fuller life now. This will also help you have a much better understanding of yourself. If something about yourself that was a mystery before like say singing, maybe you were a professional singer in a past life. And so that talent is coming out even if no one else in your family can hold a tune.

In short, because regression can give you the opportunity to understand yourself better and so make better choices, it is a process that is worth more investigation.

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