A True Understanding Of Your Past Lives

Have you ever felt insanely attracted towards some strange customs or rituals practiced in a different country by different kinds of people who are absolutely in no way connected to you? Or may be a particular war movie or an incident from history profoundly impacts you, makes you cry your heart out but you don’t know why. Instead of locking up such experiences as one of ‘those strange things in life which cannot be explained’, you can consider prodding your past lives for the answers.

It is said that if you have been good in your past life then you would reap the benefits of that in your present birth. This belief in past lives, or reincarnation as commonly known, has been prevalent and believed by the age old religions of the world since ancient times. The spiritually rich and one of the oldest religions of Hinduism to more contemporary theosophical beliefs of the western world, all echo the same belief.

Taking on from the immortality aspect of the soul stated above, when does it then cease to reincarnate in the end? It is believed that ultimate realization of man is in knowing that the world as he sees it is just an illusion and the supreme seat of power and energy is his immortal and omnipresent soul. As long this level of spiritual awakening is not attained, the soul goes on taking birth after birth in this world. Ultimately when the true potential is realized by man, the soul is said to attain liberation experiencing deep lasting eternal peace and happiness.

But coming back to the question of your attractions, feelings and fears in the current life, how can you know if they are linked to your past lives? Is there a technique which would help you in recollecting memories of your past lives? Will such recollections help you improve and develop more as an individual now? The answer lies in PLRT, or Past Life Regression Technique.

Past Life Regression is a technique of hypnosis in order to bring out the memories of past lives of the subject. It is undertaken in a psychotherapeutic setting where hypnotic induction is administered on the subject in order to attain higher levels of spiritual awakening where your subconscious remembers your past lives.

Hypnosis, which was earlier considered to be an unconscious state of mind is actually a condition where the mind is wakeful but in a state of focused attention. Thus, with the decrease in the awareness of the surroundings along with a focused and heightened suggestibility your mind is in a position to recollect memories from the past. Hypnotic Induction on the other hand involves administering a series of instruction and suggestions to gradually lead the subject to the hypnotic state of higher spiritual awakening.

Undergoing PLRT or Past Life Regression Technique can an experience of a lifetime since the entire experience result in understanding and knowing yourself more. The true you comes out with all its creativity, skills and other facets. It can unleash all the bottled up potential that you have within and can answer mostly all your queries regarding your current life.

A topic such as ‘past lives’ surely does not go without its share of skepticism and disbelief. Apart from numerous religious differences in views, many consider it to be a pseudoscience without having the required proof and validity. But it must be added that since many things in life are still awaiting a scientific explanation, mere rejection will only lead to a loss of opportunity in personal growth and an hindrance to your own success.

Knowing about your past lives is like watching the journey of your soul, your intimate core that is actually you. Through such a powerful technique such as Past Life Regression, you would be on the verge of realizing your true self and unleashing your ultimate potential.

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