Astral Projection – How To Go About Experiencing It

Astral projection is actually the way by which a person separates his astral being or his inner soul from his physical being and travels to higher astral planes. Therefore we can say that astral projection is a phenomenon where you can break the physical barriers and float away from the body and watch yourself and the surroundings from another realm of consciousness altogether.

Since it is an experience of a life time, many practitioners, especially beginners have a lot of questions regarding the same. Thus, in case of astral projection how to questions are many. Starting from – in astral projection how to astral travel, or later on, in astral projection how to undergo past life regression, questions are numerous and varied.

The first and foremost question is how to astral project? The most important factor is that meditation should be made a part and parcel of your life in order to gain control on your energy and the sub conscious mind since you need to keep your mind wakeful and conscious while letting your body sleep. It is basically a 4 step process of relaxation, concentration, energy channelizing and actual projecting.

Start by lying down and concentrating on each body part, clenching it and releasing it alternatively. Relax your whole body and let yourself sink in a trance without falling asleep. Keep your mind focused by basic meditational practice or try to concentrate on an object at the back of your head. Thereafter, become conscious about the energy flowing in your entire body and concentrate on channelizing it towards your palms. Thereafter visualize yourself floating or moving out from your body. Focus on this vision strongly and channelize all your energies on to it for experiencing this out of body experience.

Questions about the actual travel after leaving the body is often asked in relation to astral traveling. It should be kept in mind that after astral projection people in t heir astral self wanders about like they would otherwise do physically. That is they try to move around in the routes they are familiar with, like inside the room or a known area, but the target should not be walking your way about but to think your way about. You should think about your destination and you will reach it by self affirmations.

During astral projection how your vision is, that is how you see things during your astral travel is another interesting query. It should be made clear that during this time, the person in question will have the same vision as in the normal physical form. A point to be noted is that if you reach the higher realms of consciousness, your vision will be much clearer compared to the lower level where there is a chance of having dull and darker vision.

Again, in the question of astral projection how to communicate is a frequent question. Do you meet other astral bodies? Ghosts? If yes, can you communicate? It must be noted that in the astral plane everyone is a ghost, that is, a spirit without a body. Moreover, communication with physical people are next to impossible since they and your astral self are at different vibrations. However communicating with other astral bodies is possible and language doesn’t matter since the entire thing is telepathic.

Last but not the least, the ways of undergoing pat life regression is also a FAQ, usually by the experienced lot in this act. It has been heard of that people have traveled to their past during such astral projection. The main trick lies in verbal affirmations. You have to constantly speak to yourself about traveling to your past and see what you were for experiencing the same. All of it depends on the amount of control you posses over your sub-conscious self.

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