Benefits Of Discovering Our Past Lives

Past Life, in other words the life before our present life is a strong subject where most of people are interested to know about. It depends upon spiritual believes, rituals and subconscious mind’s thoughts.

Some argue discover past lives have no scientific base so you should not go after them while believers prove it is a pure spiritual journey; materialistic evidence can only be seen by naked eyes. However, let us see how to get over our past lives and various benefits of doing so.

The sole belief of past life is that it can affect you in the present life. Hurdles and hassles you experience in this life are after effects of your Karma in your past lives. Pleasure and happiness are exerts from your past lives’ great karmas. Now, if you want to stay calm, quite and happy in your present life, you need to learn reincarnation theory and discover your activities that you have done in your previous birth.

While reading this article, you may feel like mysterious and curious that how to reach your body and soul to your past life and get relief from your previous karmas. But, if you are well determined, you can easily achieve this experience through some simple exercises. Let us find out our past lives tips.

To begin with, you need to know the importance of relaxed mind in a comfortable space. If in case the space doesn’t offer you much comfort, you might not be able to leave external materialistic world and reach to spiritual world. Concentration of mind will get disturbed. To overcome this kind of difficulty, try to choose a calm and spacious place to reside on. Once you find a suitable place, start your exercise by slowly closing your eyes and go into a deep thought of your previous life.

Gain control over your breathing and make it proper way is very important. Breath heavily until your body and mind reaches calm and relaxed mood. And thus, tune your heart beats to constant and natural style; beats should not go too frequent or too low. Continue breathing five or six seconds. If you are not able to focus on breathing exercises, you may give up one or two times first and restart the task that you are not recommended to take over strain. Continue this process until you become very confidant of your goal.

Visualize your karma in your past and present life and try to mix up. Now, you will get some mixed images that if your mind is in good focus and concentration, you will be able to exert your past lives activities from symbols and visuals appearing before you. State loudly that you are in a prison of your bad karma in past lives and now you are escaped out of it. Make it louder that you will never be sentenced of them in your future life and get relieved. Repeat this step four to seven times.

Imagine your past life bad Karma are enclosed in a ton weight luggage, manifest your mind that once you lifted the luggage, you won the battle and got control over bad after effects of past lives. Focus your mind again and lift the luggage with the help of your soul or spirits and throw it away.

You may feel like it is a funny step in the beginning but once you done with it, you will make out that it was one of the best psychological treatments you ever made.

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