Binaural Brainwave Activity – Automated Meditation

The rewards of meditation and binaural brainwave activity reads like a list that continues to grow even as you are reading it. As the mind & body connection becomes more documented every passing year, the list shows no signs of slowing down. This comes as no surprise to mystics and yogis, who have discussed the benefits of meditating for thousands of years. However, it was not until the late 1970s when Western scientists started confirming many of their claims.

Here are some of the benefits of meditating: Stress reduction, lower blood pressure, relief from depression and/or anxiety, improved sleep, mood enhancement, overall health improvement, boost for immune system, pain relief, help with addictions, increased ability to focus, developing intelligence and creativity, development of positive habits, brain synchronization, cholesterol reduction, improvement of relationships, emotional maturity, increases & decreases of various hormonal outputs, deeper relaxation, improved productivity, and memory improvement.

To meditate is to allow your mind to finally relax by focusing on a single thing, for example, the breaths you are taking. This is a gift, a holiday for your mind, away from the constant barrage of outside stimuli, as well as that internal conversation you always have going on. You might be in denial, or actually unaware of this conversation since you keep it covered up by your TV, mp3 player, the internet, texting, radio, and phone or live conversations with other people.

Then, on those rare occasions when we give ourselves peace & quiet, we are reminded of that constant conversation we are having with ourselves. It is this conversation that gets in the way of meditation. Many people give up trying to meditate because the development of the discipline it takes to clear their mind seems impossible.

There is great news for everybody who would love to gain the benefits of meditating but without first developing the patience and discipline to shut down that internal dialogue. Technology can create meditative brainwave patterns for you. Tibetan monks who do nothing but meditate, have been studied by scientists who monitored their brainwaves. The brain patterns they produce are truly astounding.

But, other research that came a little later showed, that if you give non meditators, soundtracks of binaural beats to listen to with headphones, their brainwaves create patterns that took the monks decades to achieve.

Binaural beats are known as apparent sounds, because they’re created by the brain hearing 2 separate tones that are slightly differing frequencies. They must be played in headphones, with each ear getting only one tone. What the brain perceives is a single tone that has beats, or clicks, that are not actually there, otherwise. These beats represent the frequency difference between the two tones. The brain, will then entrain to, or mimic the frequency, with binaural brainwave patterns. This is what allows researchers to produce soundtracks that enable anybody to create meditative states of mind, similar to the Tibetan monks, without taking the time, effort and discipline that is usually needed.

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