boy Meditating without drinking and eating for morethan 10 month (1/5)

name: Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Discovery Channel produced a documentary titled “The Boy With Divine Powers”. the film crew was able to film Ram continuously for 96 hours, day and night, during which time he did not drink any fluids or eat any food. According to scientists on the documentary, an average person would be expected to die from kidney failure after 4 days without drinking any fluids. The boy showed no signs of classical physical deterioration caused by dehydration. At a close inspection conducted by the filming crew around the tree where Ram was sitting, no hidden water pipes or food stashes were found. wikipedia :
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3 Stress Management Tips that Really Work

If you have stress in your life, it’s important to find some useful stress management techniques to help you get it under control. While it’s easy to take stress for granted, it can actually be dangerous and actually lead to health problems. The techniques that follow have been helpful to many people for stress management, so they are definitely worth trying.

If you’re able to lessen the stressful nature of your interactions with the people that you see and talk to every day, your overall stress levels will probably be significantly reduced. One thing you should realize is that you have the right to limit how much stress you allow others to impose on you. At times, it’s best to minimize your dealings with people who spend all their time with you focusing on negative issues, or who are always pressuring you to help them in some way. You may not be able to or even want to stop seeing these people, but it’s still possible to let them know that you can’t always help them and you’d prefer not to focus so much on problems and negativity. While it’s good to help when you can, sometimes you have to learn how to detach from the problems around you and recognize there’s only so much you can do.

Time management can be an important factor in reducing the amount of stress in your life. One of the main symptoms of stress is the feeling of being pressured, which is usually related to time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by tasks that seem large or very time consuming; try to see them as made up of smaller and easier tasks. It’s fine to set daily goals to help you focus, but make them possible and realistic so you don’t feel frustrated about not doing what you set out to do.

Depending on what you like and the particular situation, you can use many types of music to help you unwind and let go of stress. Many people find that driving in traffic makes them stressful, so make sure you have a way to play music in your vehicle. Whether you listen on a stereo system, iPod or laptop, make sure your favorite music is never far away.

Make time for the things you love. If you aren’t catering to yourself once in a while you aren’t going to get rid of the stress that is your daily grind. One factor that contributes to most people’s stress is the amount of time spent thinking about all of the unpleasant things of life. Doing something you love just for fun is important to reducing stress levels. If you have a hobby that brings you satisfaction, make sure you devote some time to it at least a few times per week.

There are many ways to approach stress management, and the above suggestions are just a few of the most effective methods you can use. The first step is to identify the sources of stress in your life so you can find a way to deal with them. In many cases you can’t control or change your circumstances but you can always find a better way to deal with what is happening around you.

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Memorize and Meditate, Lavonne Masters, Good Book

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The Neurological and Psychological Advantages of Brainwave Meditation

Quite a few scientific, neurological, and psychological researchers have explored the uses and resulting effects brainwave entertainment, a. k. a. brainwave meditation. Although the conducted studies illustrate the advantages brought by this brain workout are apparent, the widespread application of this therapy just isn’t yet evident, and it’s pretty widespread to stumble upon questions about its use nonetheless. However, as a result of the great advantages that it shown, this form of meditation is still a a lot preferred therapeutic approach of enhancing their life in general.

To understand brainwave meditation, you ought to very first recognize brainwave patterns and activities. Innumerable neurons dwell in the brain, and they correspond with 1 another by way of electrical impulses. The brainwave activity may be measured with particular tests that display such electrical activity. Since of the cyclical nature of our brainwaves, we normally refer to such brain activity as “brainwave patterns”. Distinctive brainwave patterns are present in particular levels of sleep and wakefulness. For instance, our brains indicate Beta waves whenever we are awake and Alpha waves whenever we’re relaxed; conversely, Delta waves throughout deep sleep and Theta waves throughout light sleep.

Brainwave meditation is also a therapeutic exercise that takes advantage of our neural responses to rhythmic sensations. During this activity, the brain will obtain stimulus through your eyes, ears, or the other senses. The brain will give off a response naturally, but the key for this form of meditation to work is for the brain to have a rhythmic stimulation that corresponds to the electrical activity or natural brainwaves that the brain creates. When this occurs, the brain’s electrical activity and neural cycle harmonizes with the rhythm. For example, subjecting one’s brain to a 4 Hertz rhythmic resonance pattern is useful in reproducing the brain’s sleep status since 4 Hertz is the most extensive brainwave patterns throughout sleep.

The primary benefit of brainwave meditation for the brain is its capability to promote greater psychological change. 1 of the major goals of this particular meditation would be to let your brain have a better, receptive state, by means of the positive alteration which will take place. This occurs throughout the deep meditative state since it stimulates a hypnosis-like trance, suitable for programming or changing particular behaviors and bringing about positive alterations. As expected, the sort of change that you have to produce shall figure out the type of message and stimuli that the brain need to be exposed to.

As stated above, there are several studies which focused on the effects of this sort of meditation. The study has been made by various groups, such as college students, individuals with ADHD, understanding disorders, as well as mental disorders for example depression. As an example, Dr. Thomas Budzynski applied such approach on a group of college students who are fraught with academics in 1999. Following therapy with AV (audiovisual) stimulation in the brain, the students raised their GPAs and even outshined another control group. Moreover, an analysis that was published in the 2008 concern of Option Therapies, Charyton and Huang looked at over 20 different published uses of brainwave meditation and its positive effects on alleviating body pains, headaches, anxiety, also as other mood and behavior problems.

By and large, the researchers proved that brainwave meditation is a flourishing therapeutic approach and most of the subjects who participated in the exercises gained positive benefits from the therapy.

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Methods That Often Help Manage Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are usually brought on as a persistent worrying of something that may or may not be happening. Its cause is relatively unknown as anxiety attacks usually come out without any precaution or any signs. The signs and symptoms exhibited by the person is different from individual to individual.

For people who have experienced anxiety attacks, they already know how to avoid them and what to do. But for those who have no idea what to do when anxiety attacks happen, here are some of the things that you can do.

Stress is one known factor that can trigger panic attacks. When people are in stress, their bodies usually have elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and are usually tight. This ultimately means that your body is in a state of anxiety already. And for those that are predisposed to such attacks are more likely to have panic attacks. So, learn ways on how you can relieve stress.

Learn breathing techniques to help you calm down during a state of stress. Breathing can do wonders for your body. Try to breathe in through your nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. This way, you will calm the nerves and prevent panic attacks from happening.

Do other relaxation techniques that will help you calm down. This can include listening to calm and soothing music or reading a book. Only you have the idea on what activities can calm you down and try to do them when you feel anxiety creeping in.

Diversion is another way of preventing panic attacks. When you feel the onset coming, try to do something that will take your mind off that anxious feeling. Keep yourself busy for you to forget about what makes you worry. Go out and have fun with friends if you feel anxious.

People suffering from panic attacks need guidance and acceptance. Understanding what they are going through is crucial to managing such experience. There is no room for ridicule or judgment upon seeing people in a state of panic without any reason.

It can be very difficult to control panic attacks especially when people are more likely judging you for things you are out of control of. So, try to learn how to control panic attacks to help get control of yourself.

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Spiritual Regression – What Benefits Will You Get?

If you get some time out for yourself in day to day hectic schedule and spend some time with your own mind instead, you will find that it harbors many a questions which crop up now and then. Most of these questions are fundamental ones, very basic in nature to your life, to your sheer existence, the answers to which can only be provided by the journey called Spiritual Regression.

The elemental questions that rise in our mind about who we really are or the purpose of our life have struck us time and again. The various experiences, struggles and the understandings since our childhood mainly help us grow to what we really are or become in a lifetime. Beyond this the truth about our existence is very vague to the normal human thought process. Certain tools related to spiritual regression namely Past Life Regression or even Life between life regressions help us in finding out this truth about ourselves.

Past life regression is one of the primary ways to look beyond the present and travel on the magnificent and unique path known as spiritual regression. Ancient philosophical theories and the modern day theosophical doctrines share the same fact that our souls are immortal and that they just pass over from one physical form to another through different lifetimes. Past life regression thus helps us to follow this path backwards from one birth to another and helps us know about the different experiences during such previous births of ours.

This kind of Spiritual regression is done with the help of the method of hypnotic induction. Contrary to popular belief, which thinks being hypnotized means being unconscious, the fact is that hypnosis takes the mind to a heightened focus where all surrounding stimuli ceases to exists and the mind can focus only on recollecting memories and information about its past births buried deep into its subconscious. Hypnotic induction is attaining this state with a series of questions and suggestions to steer the mind in the correct direction.

Thus, in such a session of hypnotic induction the individual is asked specific questions about the various intricacies of his previous life like about his previous home, his locality, the kind of attire he wore, language he spoke, etc. A session of such magnitude which does not follow the barriers of life or death is really a unique experience and it helps to enlighten the individual about the purpose of his existence and who he or she really is.

Moreover, he understands a lot about himself now, the reasons behind his inherent fears or attractions towards specific aspects. Such Spiritual regression session also lets the subject know the purpose of his existence on Earth, his realizes his true potential and what he is able to do unleashing his pent up creativity within. A spiritual regression is thus a journey like no other and is the best session of personal awareness and development one can undertake.

Spiritual regression also encompasses the Life between life regressions which are short spiritual journeys that one undertakes to experience another dimension of life within his present lifetime. For example, practicing advanced meditation and achieving astral projection, wherein one’s subtle inner self, his astral body is separated from his physical one and is projected to higher astral planes or a different level of consciousness from where he can watch himself and the world from a distance, is a profoundly spiritual experience and a form of life between life regression.

Apart from astral projection, other such spiritual regression sessions would include lucid dreaming, where one passes to the realms of dreams with a completely wakeful mind and thereafter consciously dreams. In a therapeutic life between life spiritual regression session, instead of journeying to one’s past lives, advanced hypnotic induction is used to make the subject have new experiences and attain another level of consciousness altogether.

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Relax and Feel the Touch of your Glasgow Massage

Maybe you’re asking yourself what and where exactly where is Glasgow. It really is not the Glasgow coma scale which is commonly utilized inside the hospital to monitor a comatose individual. Glasgow is a location that is the largest city situated in Scotland it was ranked as the third most populous in United Kingdom. So heavy isn’t it?

Because of their increasing population, people their tends to be very busy in their everyday living, to improve more their economy and lifestyle, that is why people might felt stressed and tension able.

Touch of healing of the Glasgow massage is made available for them. It has become very important for general health care in people who are living in a stressful world that might be difficult to handle and manage depending on the person’s threshold.

Your Glasgow massage will ease those stressful events in your thoughts and body. After while this won’t leave your skin dry instead this will left you with soft and moisturized skin.

This will relieve your tension, market rest, improves circulation and posture all over your body, reduced down your important indication including the fifth one which could be the discomfort, relaxes muscles, improves versatility, strengthen your immune system and alleviate depressions. You will have all the very best results specifically whenever you have the Glasgow massage in regular basis.

It just isn’t necessary to possess all the aches, tensions and anxiety in your body, it is possible to have this kind of massage even should you desire to improve what you have or even the wellness that you’ve for better prevention.

Like other massage in United Kingdom this really is also composed of distinct strokes that are the effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement. For better and fulfilling relaxation results. These strokes are present on some oldest sort of therapy for example the Glasgow massage.

It has distinct varieties that are the aromatherapy, holistic, naturist and sports activities based on what you feel you want as being an outcome from your therapy. You can find distinctive varieties of treatment also that are the Chinese, deep, very hot, stone and shiatsu massage. In case you want to possess a reflexology it is also out there in Glasgow.

So better maintain your system free of charge and in circulation. Ease all those negative vibes, outdated detrimental power, thoughts and behaviors. Encourage your body to heal by by itself with proper stimulation and relaxation since it works on distinctive amounts and gives a outcome within unique degrees. Do not reject all damaging feelings within you because this may possibly trigger loads of elements and illness. Give your self a time to chill and take it easy, really feel the elegance within you.

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What Are The Yoga Training Techniques? Click Here.

Yoga is amazing. It brings about an enormous change in people and also improves our health and lifestyle in general. By doing your favorite form of Yoga, you can reinforce your emotional health. In this article, we’re going to discuss the few principles on which every form of Yoga is based. Many people take up yoga course as a New Year resolution to change their lifestyle. However, most of them give up on attending these classes regularly! They break their own promise made on the New Year. This insincere behavior is seen in most of the adults.

There is a way to make people more committed in whatever they do. In this case we are speaking about attending yoga classes regularly. The secret is training the mind. First thing towards it is to receive positive emotional energy everyday. This keeps you going as it is a form of gratification.

You’ll be able to see dramatic changes in yourself and your lifestyle by undergoing Yoga training. Many depressed adults in a family will suddenly see optimistic, happy and energetic children. Yoga is a medium through which you get positive changes in your life.

You should start receiving positive energy if you practice mantra yoga. After every session feel the result. You may change your practices to bring a positive state of mind if it’s not satisfying. Doing this, you can fill every moment of your life with positive energy. Everything around you will suddenly be more positive. This way you can discover an inner child within you which is more often trapped by fear of failure.

Due to negative programming; you don’t get positive vibes often. Meditation helps you set your inner child free. As you well know, a child’s mind is filled with joy and enthusiasm, it’s very important to wake it up!

Yoga training also helps you to get the negative energy out of your mind. Humans make mistakes. It’s very common and normal. Most important thing is to learn from the mistakes that Yoga throws light upon. Therefore start meditating and practicing yoga at the end of each day.

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Bristol Massage relieves Body Ache

Bristol is an unitary authority and ceremonial country in South West England. It is said to be the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the region and its economy so much depends on the creative media, electronic gadgets, and aerospace industry. One of those cities who have active and hectic life style.

People in Bristol may well skilled improve amount of anxiety, tension and anxieties. Even though it really is quite normal to possess a mild degree of anxiousness to purpose and believe properly for our daily actions. But contemporary pursuits brought out different diploma of tension for us people.

People in Bristol might experienced increase level of stress, tension and anxieties. Although it is very normal to have a mild level of anxiety to function and think well for our daily activities. But modern activities brought out different degree of stress for us humans.

Bristol massage is indicated for different aches around the body, improves concentration, lifts depression, reduced stress hormones, with calming effect on your nervous system, and it relaxes your muscles. More improved for total relaxation of the body.

It is a holistic type of massage with different healing techniques applied for its natural sensitivity on your body, and put aside time for ourselves and needs to heal our body and spirits in time. It is a privilege and joy to encourage you in doing your job and activities wholeheartedly.

Bristol massage may be referred to as as touch therapist for nurturing to satisfy human fundamental will need. You’ll find distinct modalities of it such as your Swedish massage, holistic massage, and deep tissue massage along with a good deal extra. This was existed for several countless many years but because the time goes by this was also improved to attain your human needs and wants for rest.

Each type of massage has unique objective and types on the way to boost your optimum wellness and wealth. This really is the reason why massage treatment has long been effectively acknowledged and extensively spread because of its distinct satisfying advantages, And due to the fact of our contemporary pursuits lots of men and women seek for the very best rest technique contemplating quite a few factors and facts.

Bristol massage fits both to men and women to restore total fitness and health care. We are looking forward to add massage on our daily usual routine it is to increase our level of energy, for greater comfort and flexibility and to feel wonderful everyday.

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The Year of the Dog … Meditation

Kihei, Maui, HI (PRWEB) January 20, 2006

On January 29, 2006 firecrackers and dancing dragons will ring in the Chinese Year of the Dog. But this year, they might also be ushering in the Year of Dog Meditation.

Dog meditation, canine contemplation, pooch prayer — call it what you will — but according to James Jacobson, author of the bestselling book “How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers,” (Maui Media, $ 16.95; Hardcover, ISBN 0975263110, dog meditation is being lapped up by dog lovers everywhere.

Chinese astrologers say that people born in the year of the dog have the qualities of loyalty, faithfulness, and honesty. According to Jacobson, they may also have an edge over those born in the Year of the Horse, Rat, or Boar in another canine quality: meditation.

“Dogs are natural meditators,” Jacobson says. “They live fully in the present moment, and spend an enormous part of their days in ‘hound-lounge,’ the canine equivalent of human meditation.”

But the author cautions, you shouldn’t feel trapped on the wrong side of the doggy door if you were born in a year other than dog.

“Dogs are natural meditation gurus, and just living with a dog can serve as a great introduction to meditation,” says Jacobson.

In fact, the author of “How to Meditate with Your Dog,” says most people with dogs already meditate with them, they just don’t call it that.

“It happens in those moments where you sit down with your dog and relax,” says Jacobson who has been meditating with his maltese for over 13 years.

He teaches introductory meditation classes in Hawaii and says that during meditation, the breaths become longer and less hurried.

“After a few moments, your thoughts slow down until it seems like you are not thinking at all.”

Jacobson says most dog lovers already share moments like these and meditating with a canine friend is a natural next step.

Meditation isn’t just for when you’re dog-tired at the end of the day. Jacobson says that the benefits make it worth setting as a daily Year of the Dog resolution while claiming that meditation improves a dog’s health and well-being.

“It helps excitable dogs become calmer, aggressive dogs become more loving, and dogs that once whined and howled for attention become quieter and more content,” says Jacobson.

He continues, “Meditation is great for humans, too. It relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and sharpens mental focus.”

The author attributes the success of the book to the fact that dog lovers will do almost anything for their pets.

“People are willing to do things for their dog that they wouldn’t do for themselves—and that includes meditation.”

So what does the dog meditator recommend to usher in the Year of the Dog?

“Celebrate Chinese New Year with a dragon dance, fireworks — and a howl at the moon. Then settle in for a moment of meditation, with your dog.”

Download a sample chapter of the book or audio book at


An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers

By James Jacobson

with Kristine Chandler Madera

Published by Maui Media, LLC

October 2005

0-9752631-1-0 / $ 16.95 / Hardcover / 200 pages

“How to Meditate with Your Dog” is available at book stores nationwide and online at

Members of the Media may visit Maui Media’s online newsroom for this book at:

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