Body & MindwoRX wellness center opens in Vail Valley

Free Will Astrology
GARIES (March 21-April 19) “Hate leaves ugly scars,” wrote author Mignon McLaughlin, but “love leaves beautiful ones.” If I’m reading the astrological omens correctly, you’re scheduled to receive at least one of the beautiful kind of scars in the coming months – maybe even two or three.

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Sahaj Samadhi to relieve stress
For three days from Thursday, the city will experience a unique meditation programme that promises to transport participants to a stage of pure bliss.

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Philip Goldberg: A Tribute To Swami Salinger
I have learned that a surprising number of serious spiritual practitioners found early inspiration and direction from Salinger’s post-“Catcher” work. And it still has the power to illuminate.

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Body & MindwoRX wellness center opens in Vail Valley
VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Like a lot of people who lived through the ’70s, Vail Valley resident Mike Christenberry, who owns JointwoRX Physical Therapy in Edwards with his wife, Sara Manwiller, dabbled in transcendental meditation, but it never resonated with him. Enlightenment didn’t present itself, either did a far-out experience, as he expected. So his meditation practice fell to the wayside …

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