Can Anyone Have Lucid Dreams?

During sleep if you are aware that you are dreaming and more importantly you have the control over your dreams so as to manipulate and change it in the way you want to, it can be concluded that you have lucid dreams.

Just imagine yourself in a vivid dream where you are on a trip to another planet having amazingly colourful stuff all around, you have a fantasy car and you are having the time of your life there. You realize that you are dreaming and would wake up soon and hence steering your car in all the right directions, watching more colourful and fun stuff happening all around. Yes, you are having lucid dreams and what makes these more interesting is the fact that you know you are dreaming and can control your dreams in whichever way you want to.

Thus, just to summarize what we have just heard, lucid dreams involve two things. Firstly, to realize and know that you are dreaming, and secondly to have full control of yourself and your dreams. In that case, do you realize how out of the world experience it could be if you can control your dreams? Especially when you know that nothing you say or do there would actually harm you in reality because it’s just a dream! So it’s safe to say that lucid dreams could be very addictive!

The two things that the lucidity of a lucid dream depends upon are those of the dream recall factor and the control factor. That is, the more you can recall the dream and the more you have control over it, the more your dream is said to have been lucid.

Lucid Dreams have been existent and something which people experienced since the early days. Records of monks undergoing dream yoga, even letters bearing experiences of such a dreaming experiences suggests that though the full fledged and focus study regarding this has been initiated quite recently.

Lucid Dreams can be categorized into two types, the DILD and the WILD. Taking the first type of the DILD, Dream Initiated Lucid Dream is when a person gains knowledge about his dream after he has fallen asleep. That is, during dreaming he suddenly realizes that he is dreaming. The knowledge all of a sudden, dawns on him. But it must be added that the individual has no control whatsoever on his DILD.

WILD or Wake initiated Lucid Dream on the other hand refers to passing into the realm of dreams while fully awake and conscious. In this case passes from the wakeful state to the dream state without losing his/her awareness of the self even a bit. Highly intense WILD involves feelings of fast vibrations, loud noises, feeling of passing from one state of matter to another, one state of consciousness to another. The images in the dream gradually become clearer and sharper and the person actually sees the images and lives the dream being fully aware that he’s dreaming and that no amount of actions or activities can harm him realistically

Thus, it can be concluded that while DILD is common and attaining it requires less effort with a certain level of subconscious affirmation required, WILD is extremely difficult to achieve and attaining requires far greater effort in terms of regulating your thoughts and practicing high focusing techniques.

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