Can Anyone Have Premonitions?

Do you think you have had a premonition before? How is it that some people know when things are about to happen before it even occurs? Is this just a gut feeling that things are not right or is it paranormal? Scientists have not ever believed in premonitions. They only believe in things that they can prove are facts. They do not believe even though there have been numerous events that have been foretold in a premonition or a feeling prior to it actually occurring.

Do We See the Future?

A specific example that premonitions exist is found in the recordings of Ian Stevenson, a professor of psychiatry and Canadian biochemist. He was able to record over nineteen different premonitions that his patients told him about just two weeks prior to the Titanic setting sail. These premonitions were of people that had canceled their trip because they felt like there was something negative going to happen and some from people that had dreams of the disaster occurring.

Premonitions, by all accounts of those who have had them, are not pleasant. They are accompanied by either fright or uneasiness over what they feel is about to happen. The people who have the premonitions often do not know what will happen but they know it is not good.

People do not realize how common it is to have a premonition. The subject of a premonition is almost always someone or something that has direct impact on you. They show up in a variety of ways. Dreams and feelings are some of them. Some call it a sixth sense.

Many of the premonitions are regarding robberies, murders, death, accidents and plane crashes. These are the most common types that are experienced. The incident typically happens very close, in a matter of hours, from when the person has the premonition. The dream comes with the emotional feeling of discomfort and leaves them feeling very uneasy. They are very able to explain how much dread they feel once they have had a premonition of this type.

There are also dreams that leave nothing to question as to what will happen. They are very clear and the person that is having the dream actually witnesses something happening to someone that they love whether it be a family member or someone else that they are close to. It can be extremely upsetting to have a dream like this and it is usually something that is blocked from their memory to protect themselves. They may be able to put it to the back of their mind until the event actually occurs.

Could the premonitions be coming from somewhere out of this world? A premonition is something or a feeling that you see as if it is a dream. It is usually brought forth by a fear of something that you feel is about to happen, even if you do not know what or when. They are related to our senses.

Could it be that things are happening in another dimension and we are seeing it in a premonition? It could be that when we go to sleep we are actually seeing the things that are happening in the other dimension. The theory of astral projection may just fit with this explanation.

Is this really something that we cannot believe is happening? People throughout history have been the victim of ridicule because they believe something that most feel is impossible. Do you think that people actually believed that a man would be on the moon at some point? If someone would have brought up the idea in times prior to it happening they would have been thought of as crazy.

How Do You Explain These Premonitions?

Just because something does not fit in with the normal way we think, is it to be dismissed without another thought? There are many instances of premonitions that have been recorded throughout time. Take for instance the premonition of Abraham Lincoln of his own death. He dreamt only ten days before his death that he was with people who were mourning in the East Wing of the White House. He asked a soldier standing nearby who it was that had died and the soldier told him it was the President.

There was a book written in 1898 called Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan. It was written fourteen years prior to the Titanic disaster. A ship called Titan was the subject of the book and it sank into the North Atlantic. It hit an iceberg, had a shortage of lifeboats, was the exact size as the Titanic, and it had three propellers. These are all very similar to the Titanic disaster right down to the name of the boat.

The author of this book was Morgan Robertson. How is it possible that the book told of a story just like the accident that would occur fourteen years later? Whether you refer to it as a vision or a premonition, the similarities between the book and the actual accident are eerily similar. Did the author write this book as a result of a premonition that he had?

It is something that may never be understood. Things unfold from the universe and mysteries are solved in their own time. It is not possible to predict when a premonition, or vision, will be shown to someone.

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