Cauliflower Ear : Why People Need Surgery

It isn’t one of the more commonly talked about medical procedures, but ear reconstruction serves an important function for people who need it.

The procedure itself can be done in a myriad of ways, depending on the deformity it is aiming to correct and the doctor who is bringing his own expertise and technique to the surgery. The reasons an individual might need corrective surgery vary even more widely than the techniques used. Here are just some of those reasons and some of the conditions that can be corrected by the procedure.

There are those who have congenital deformities which plague them from birth. In many cases, this deformity is known as microtia, which can range in severity from person to person.

In some people, the deformity is so slight they may never choose to have ear reconstruction done at all. In others, so severe that it could result in them having a complete lack of tissue. In the more extreme cases, the procedure must be done at as early an age as possible to avoid future hearing problems as well as the self esteem issues that can easily arise with such a problem.

Of course, not all individuals in need of ear reconstruction were born with deformity. Problems with the appearance of the ear can result from a number of causes, one of which is burns. Disfigurement in a fire could cause the cartilage to become inflamed, causing not only cosmetic disfigurement, but also issues that can result in the loss of hearing. In many cases, surgery to correct these issues involves taking tissue and cartilage from those areas of the ear that were unaffected by the fire, if such exists.

In addition to fire, there are several forms of trauma that can lead to the need for ear reconstruction. The list is nearly endless but can include gradual trauma (such as a wrestler’s cauliflower ear) or immediate trauma such as an animal attack, an intense fight, or a car accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, a doctor may be able to do partial or complete restoration of the ear, minimizing the effects of the problem.

Of course, there are many other reasons why an individual may be able to benefit from ear reconstruction. If you feel you may be one of these people, set up an appointment with a qualified surgeon near you and learn what you can about their procedures and what they may be able to do to help you.

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