Chakra Balancing And Meditation The Essential Tools

Hindu teachings tell us that the chakras are the important energy centers which are present in every human being. Our chakras are the places at which energy flows through our body. The proper flow of this energy is vital to maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health. You can’t actually see your chakras, but you can see their physical manifestation; major components of our endocrine systems.

Chakras are responsible for regulating the energy that flow into and from our body. This continuous interplay of energy within our body, the environment and objects we come in contact with ultimately requires that our chakras remain in balance in order to be able to function as best as possible for our benefit.

Our seven primary chakras each correspond to a particular part of our endocrine system. Everything we experience is intimately related to our chakras.

Stress of all types: whether physical, emotional or mental can cause our chakras to be out of balance with each other. This causes a loss of energy or even physical illness! This is a very clear sign that something is wrong with our chakras.

Chakra balancing must be done regularly to maintain good health, just as regular maintenance is important to the proper functioning of a machine.

Importance of Chakra Balancing There are many different ways to balance your chakras; others are always being developed to help people reach a state of perfect balance in their chakras. This is the goal of those who want to have a more healthy, happy and productive life.

This all begins with an understanding that each chakra resonates to a different frequency; these frequencies are naturally occurring and help the chakras to perform their important function of transmitting and receiving energy; also known as prana or chi.

When we are ill, our chakras are not performing properly because they are out of balance. This can make our problems even worse; and a chakric system which is out of balance fosters ill health. Other than illness, an imbalance can be due to lack of exercise, stress or poor diet.

Everyone experiences an imbalance in their chakras from time to time; but this can fortunately be restored by chakra balancing.

Tools of Chakra Balancing: The methods which are most commonly employed to restore chakra balance are crystals and gems, light, sound, color and aromatherapy.

Colors: Commonly used colors and their corresponding chakras are red (root chakra), orange (sacral chakra), yellow (solar plexus chakra), green and turquoise (heart chakra), blue (throat chakra), violet (crown chakra) and white for all chakras.

Crystals and Gems: Gems, crystals and stones have been used in chakra balancing for thousands of years. Each chakra corresponds to a different color, as we now know; so the laying of gems or crystals of the appropriate color on the location of a chakra can help to restore balance. This can help the body properly heal.

Gems and crystals reflect light in their colors; the play of light through these gems can restore balance to the chakras by putting this light into the body at the appropriate points.

Light: Light therapy employs light not only on the eyes, but also on the reflex points and the meridian points of acupuncture to restore chakra balance. The broad spectrum of light is very beneficial here, including both visible and invisible frequencies, including those corresponding to the chakras.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy uses essential oils, massage oils which are scented as well as scented bath soaps to help the body heal and to restore proper chakra balance. Essential oils can return mental and emotional stability to a person who is out of balance. Aromatherapy is also effective in relieving stress, promoting relaxation and can also assist in alleviating depression and helping one to reach a meditative state.

Sound: Sound therapy creates chakra-resonant frequencies and produces a sensation of well being using tuning forks, soft music, Tibetan singing bowls and other means. Sound has natural soothing and chakra balancing properties and appeals to emotional response as well. A soothing, beautiful sound fosters relaxation and balance while a harsh one causes an anxious state. Sound can speed up healing and promote a higher state of consciousness.

It once was that chakra balancing was a lengthy and difficult process. Now, thanks to innovations in audio technology such as subliminal sound, binaural frequencies and self-hypnosis recordings, chakra balancing is a much simpler thing than it was even a few decades ago.

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