Chakra Meditation For Everyone!

Meditation is considered as a powerful form of self-realization and self-healing. There are various methods by which you can meditate, but perhaps, the most potent of all is the Chakra Meditation.

Chakra Meditation ” A Primer

Chakra Meditation is the art of balancing and energizing all the seven energy centers in the body, called Chakras, in order to align the flow of energy through them. Heres a brief description of these seven energy centers, or the Chakras:

1. Root or Base Chakra located at the base of the spine and related to the element Earth. It governs our general health, prosperity, and security.

2. Brow Chakra, also called The Third Eye Chakra, is situated between the brows on the forehead. It is related to the Light element, which governs our perception, interpretation, and visualization.

3. Throat Chakra is situated at the base of the throat. It is related to the Sound element, which governs our creativity, communication ability, and resonance.

4. Heart Chakra governing your general relationships, and feelings of love and compassion is located at the center of the chest and related to the element Air.

5. Power Chakra, also called the Solar Plexus, is situated just above the naval region. It is related to the Fire element, which governs our will power, metabolism, and autonomy.

6. Brow Chakra governing your power of imagination, visualization, and interpretation is located between the brows on the forehead and related to the element Light.

7. Crown Chakra located at the top of the head and related to the element thought. It governs consciousness, wisdom, and knowledge.

If you want to reinvent yourself and bring back those vitalizing moments in your life, then theres no substitute to Chakra Meditation. If these vital seven Chakras are rotating in sync, physical, mental, and spiritual well being is assured. Thus, you can safely conclude that Chakra Meditation is the key to overall health of your life, taken as a whole.

Chakra Meditation Techniques

Chakra Meditation is the sum total of the following three techniques:

1. Grounding Technique refers to the process whereby, your body feels connected with Earth. The visualization involves assuming a root growing from your body and entering into the Earth, thus, transfixing your body to the ground. With some intense focus and determination, you can achieve this state of Chakra Meditation.

2. Centering Technique refers to the process whereby, your body gets prepared to receive the benefits of Chakra Meditation. The actual step involves taking 3-5 deep breaths. And visualization involves the assumption of feeling of relaxation of every body part from toe to head by tightening and relaxing each body part starting from toe, and moving in the northwards direction, till the head. The final act is the visualization of the act of centering a pot on a pottery wheel.

3. Relaxation Technique refers to the process whereby, the body feels relaxed by an act of visualization that suits an individual the best. Every individual is free to adopt his or her own relaxation method.

One of the popular methods of Chakra Meditation is detailed below:

a) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

b) Close your eyes and loosen your clothing. The idea is to be in a natural state without any kind of artificial compulsion on the body and mind.

c) Take relaxing breaths ” neither too fast nor too slow. Just give up your control on the breath, and let it flow naturally.

d) Start feeling every part of your body from toe to the head in that direction. While your eyes are closed, feel the earth you are lying or sitting on, or the bed you are lying or sitting on, feel the aura around you, feel the clothes you are wearing. Feel everything youd have had your eyes been open. Visualize life in darkness!

e) All the negative thoughts and emotions should not be avoided. Let them be! With time and regular practice, these thoughts will disappear automatically. Rather, when no such negative emotion disturbs you, that is the time when you should consider that you have perfected the art of Chakra Meditation.

f) Let you spirit roam in every part of your body. This is the feeling of completeness youve been yearning for.

Chakra Meditation can be performed by anyone at convenient hours. There is no rule for the duration of time to perform Chakra Meditation. Suit your comfort levels!

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