Contacting Your Spirit Guide – Entities Of Healing And Protection

When you hear people speak of ‘contacting your spirit guide’ you may be of the opinion that this is just new age speak. But these are entities of healing and protection and they play a vital role in guiding your spiritual decisions and development. An entity which is your spirit guide forms a link between your earthly body and the spirit world, they are a non-living entity and it make take a clairvoyant or medium to get you in touch with yours for the first time.

Scientists such as psychologists and psychiatrist may be disturbed to find that you hear little voices in your head, while a comedian will joke about, but the little voices are very real, and many people can hear them. According to one well known medium, they are called ‘little voices’ because this is how they sound  high pitched and squeaky; almost comic-like.

These guides have played a significant role in the religious culture of many people for centuries and they still do. They aver important to Natives of North America, East Indians, the Chinese, Tibetans and Egyptians amongst others.

People may, and many do actually see their guide, and they can look as ordinary as you and I, or as different. Their approach will be kindly as it is their aim to communicate and nurture you on this earthly plane. If their appearance is scary or fearsome in anyway, this is not your spirit guide.

They will have a name, or you may name them, you may also ask them whatever questions you like, but keep an open mind. They know everything there is to know about you and have been with your from birth and before.

They know what you want in this life, what makes you sad and happy and how best to advise you to achieve your goals. They only do GOOD always remembers this and if you have been advised by a spirit guide to do harm to yourself or others, this is not your guide, do not listen in any circumstances.

For more help with contacting your spirit guide take a look at this easy to use spirit guide MP3.

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