Controlling The Main Reasons For Migraine

Migraine sufferers can easily reduce or even possibly get rid of the amount, duration and intensity of the headaches they are prone to by simply making adjustments to your sleeping habits. If you have poor sleeping habits, this will result to an inadequate production of serotonin, which could result in a developing a migraine. Serotonin is a chemical known as the “feel good” chemical which is produced by the brain and is highly dependent on your sleeping habits.

Sleep quality can be improved if the three main factors; noise, stress and drugs or medication, were removed or at least kept to a minimum.

When you go to sleep, turn the lights off. Many may not think this has anything to do with their lack of sleep, but it does. The same goes for the TV, turn it off so that you ensure yourself a sound sleep.

It may be difficult for some people to fall asleep without their TV on, so if this is the case with you, you should set the timer on your TV so that it goes off in a certain amount of time. Your mind will still respond to the sound patterns from your TV, so to ensure your are getting sound sleep, try to keep the sound at minimum the best you can.

Stress can keep you from sleeping well at night. To reduce stress make sure you are getting enough exercise. It is difficult to remove stress from our lives but way can find ways to handle it better.

If you are getting your daily dose of exercise, than you should be improving your sleep quality. However, if you exercise too close to going to bed, you may still have difficulty getting to sleep.

The drug that affects sleep the most is caffeine, so limit your amount during the day and especially close to bed time. Medications and drugs have been known to affect sleep patterns. You should discuss the sleep effects and side effects of the drugs you are prescribed with your doctor.

Caffeine is a major migraine trigger, so try your best to stay away from it. Caffeine can be found in coffee and other soft drinks. Keep your consumption low when it is close to your bed time.

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