Deep Meditation

Whenever you meditate, you will reach a state of deep relaxation.  In order to reach this state of deep relaxation or oftentimes called deep meditation, it can take many years to practice.  However, you can start now so that way when you go into a state of deep meditation, it will be done with ease through this practice.

To start off, if you want to get into a state of deep meditation, you want to pray.  It could be to God, the Universe, a spiritual being or anything that helps you get into that spiritual headspace you are looking for.

Next you want to consciously relax each part of your body so that you can get into a deeper state of relaxation.  This helps to clear your mind of distractions, especially if a part of your body feels stiff and uncomfortable.

After getting your body totally relaxed, you want to breathe and connect yourself with the mind.  You can inhale and exhale for at least 6 to 12 counts, and possibly at least a few rounds.  It depends on what is comfortable for you, but every inhale and exhale should be of equal count.

Once you have controlled your breathing, begin to focus your awareness on the here and now and forget about your worries, stress, and the world around you.  Center yourself so that you can become completely absorbed into the meditation technique.

Once you’ve achieved these steps it’s up to you to choose which meditation technique you will use while in this relaxed state.  You can do one method or combine two methods for the most effective results. It can be anything from a silent chant, mantra repetition, visualization, or calling upon God or the Universe with the utmost the devotion.

It’s important that you enjoy as well as concentrate deeply on what you are experiencing.  Since the ultimate goal is relaxation in this case, you want to feel this same relaxation when involving yourself in the technique(s) of your choice.

While you are in this state of meditation, focus in on God, the Universe or any deity you choose to focus on, feel the messages that are to be given to you at this time.  It could feel like a whisper in your ear or a tugging at your heart.   This is where you end your meditation time and work your way into transitioning out of it.

As you transition out of deep meditation, feel how happy and relaxed you are.  Don’t come out of the transition quickly, but as slowly as you can so that way your body doesn’t feel shocked once you bring your body and mind back into reality.

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