Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

The term ‘Reincarnation’ which literally means ‘to be made flesh again’ refers to ‘being born again’ or in one word – Rebirth. It is the belief that the soul of man which is separate from its body is immortal in nature and is reborn or reincarnated in a new born baby after the previous body dies.

Many a times the term reincarnation is used synonymously with that of metamorphosis and resurrection. It must be clarified at the very start that all these three terms differ in their meanings and implications to a considerable extent. While metamorphosis means changing one form of life to another, the Christian term resurrection refers to rise of the body from the dead.

Reincarnation is also known as soul transmigration and has been a concept which has been believed in since the ancient times. Prevalent in both the eastern and western hemispheres of the word during those days, it was part of almost all doctrines that studied the infinite potential of the human soul.

One of the oldest religious scripts on earth known as the Upanishads of the Hindus contain content on reincarnation as a truth of life. The core of this ancient and spiritually advanced religion is the belief in reincarnation and its connection to the ultimate and universal truth of mankind.

Another core concept of Hinduism is that of the ‘Karma’ or quality of your deeds in your past lives. Thus past karma defines the quality of life and experiences you undergo in your current life. Till the time you attain complete spiritual understanding of the ultimate truth, your soul goes on being reincarnated into this illusionary world.

When after numerous reincarnations you understand that real lasting happiness rests in something else than earthly desires, you start spiritual practice known as ‘Sadhana’ and ultimately realize the ultimate truth that soul is the central seat of all emotions, power and energy and all other things are illusions. It is then that your reincarnation stops and your soul attains the final liberation or ‘Moksha’.

Against Hinduism on one side mention may be made of the Egyptian and the Greek beliefs during that era which run on similar lines with much belief in reincarnation. In case of Egyptians, proof of such belief lies in their embalming dead bodies and the act of preservation in order for it to accompany the immortal animated force of ‘ka’ or spirit to the next world. Similarities can be seen in case of ancient Greek belief where they believed that the souls rested in the underworld after death and before reincarnation for purification. Once absolute purification was attained, the reincarnation cycle stopped.

Theosophical belief on the other hand refers to spirit or souls as an immortal, omnipotent, ageless, timeless and formless source of energy which comes to and goes back from the earth through a rhythmic process. It manifests itself on earth in life form only to gain more experience and after that is over, it departs to the high sublime layers to complete the rhythmic process.

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