Do You Need Chakra Meditation?

Meditation is considered as a powerful form of self-realization and self-healing. There are various methods by which you can meditate, but perhaps, the most potent of all is the Chakra Meditation. This process can also be called Chakra Balancing, or Chakra Healing which are essentially the same thing.

The Seven Energy Centers and Chakra Meditation.

Chakra Meditation is the most accepted system of meditation. It is about re energizing and harmonizing the seven centers of energy in the body which are known as charkas. These are.

*Root Chakra governing your general health, prosperity and well being is located at the base of the spine and related to the element ‘Earth’.

*Orange Chakra. This chakra lies on the naval. This is related to water which is one of the five “Panchbhutas” or elements. This governs our feelings and reproductive ability.

*Solar Plexus governing your metabolism, autonomy and conviction is located just above the naval region and related to the element ‘Fire’.

*Heart Chakra governing your general relationships, and feelings of love and compassion is located at the center of the chest and related to the element ‘Air’.

*Throat Chakra located at the base of the throat and related to the element ‘Sound’. It governs clear communication, creativity, and resonance during our entire lifespan.

*Brow or The Third Eye Chakra located between the brows on the forehead and related to the element ‘Light’. It governs perception, interpretation, imagination, and clear vision.

*Crown Chakra governing your wisdom and knowledge is located at the top of the head and related to the element ‘thought’.

By concentrating and synchronizing these vital energy centers, one can achieve a calming influence on the mind resulting in stress-free existence and a contented life. Chakra Meditation also helps in naturally healing any ailment related to these 7 vital energy centers.

The synchronization of chakras promotes self healing of all physical and mental ailments.

Chakra Meditation is the sum total of the following three techniques:

*Grounding Technique. This technique helps you achieve the feeling of oneness with the earth. Just imagine that there is a root growing out of the base of your spine and entering the earth. This technique requires high degree of mental concentration.

*Centering Technique. This technique prepares you to receive rewards of Chakra Meditation. Just take half a dozen deep breathes and feel the existence of each part of your body by tightening and relaxing muscles in each part, while at the same time visualizing the hand of a potter centering a pot on the potter’s wheel.

*Relaxation Technique, which is the final step in Chakra Meditation. There is no hard and fast rule to relax your body. Everyone has his or her own method of relaxation.

One of the popular methods of Chakra Meditation is detailed below:

*Sit or lie down in a position that is most comfortable for your body.

*Close your eyes and loosen your clothing. The idea is to be in a natural state without any kind of artificial compulsion on the body and mind.

*Breathe in a relaxed manner, which is neither too fast nor too slow. Let the breath come naturally!

*The next step relates to feeling every part of your body from toe to head in that direction. While your eyes are closed, try to feel everything that you would’ve seen with open eyes, like earth, air, clothes, surroundings etc. The idea is to feel awareness even with closed eyes.

*Initially, your efforts will be met with stiff resistance from negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t suppress them! They’ll disappear with time and practice.

*Do not resist your awareness of any part of your body or things around you.

There is no particular time of charka meditation it can be performed at any time convenient to you. The duration should be as per your choice. The posture should be according to your choice and should be comfortable to you.

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