ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation – Meet Your Spirit Guide

Take a look at this video about meditations:

JOURNEY TO THE HEART with yama’EL, an intuitive Energy Healer now offering Free Guided Meditations at This guided Journey To The Heart Meditation takes you on a Sacred Journey through the forest of time to meet your Spirit Animal and your main Spirit Guide. Those who are guided may visit yama’EL at her blog at where she can assist you with the RE-Activation of your Own Original Divinity Codes, Restoring your Divine Blueprints instantly back to the way they were when you were created! Request your Energy Healing Re-Activation Session with yama’EL today! You can download this video at Click on the Free Guided Meditations in the left sidebar menu. I AM One Love and So Are YOU! Stay tuned for more “Journey To The Heart Guided Meditation with yama’EL, the Golden Dragon Goddess.

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25 Responses to ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation – Meet Your Spirit Guide

  1. DermochelysCoriacea says:

    @joinery11 I thought I was being eloquent. 🙁

  2. joinery11 says:

    @DermochelysCoriacea hey i was just
    concerned thats all, quite a bizarre thing
    to write. all the best

  3. DermochelysCoriacea says:

    @joinery11 I apologize. Peace be with you.

  4. michael52495 says:

    WOW HOW CRAZY MY ANIMAL IS A WOLF but i cant figure out his name insane experience so much power and pressure

  5. joinery11 says:

    @DermochelysCoriacea whats the reference to your penis for??? thought this was a meditaion vid??

  6. joinery11 says:

    Have done this several times and saw my animal guide a fox and a women named Charmain for my main guide, couldnt believe it first time so did several others… every time the same shapes, the fox or small dear shape and this women Charmain and one stage i was convinced i was her, could hear her talking to me and everything. If you can let go enough i totally recommend it. I am now super relaxed and v happy, she has a very claming voice and anything that makes you feel this good is worth it

  7. DermochelysCoriacea says:

    This is remarkable. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature and let go of your ego. So many of us spend the bulk of our precious time occupying our souls with superficial concerns about defending our egos. Let your ego go. You will feel so much better. At this moment I have a shotgun aimed at my penis.

  8. ritalli says:

    i loved meditating to your gentle voice and saw both my guides , thanks for sharing. namaste.

  9. SeaOfWaves says:

    When I did this, a doe came to me. I think her name is probably Willow.

  10. paranormalgirl112 says:

    m animal guide is a tiger, and my spirit guide is a little girl named Crayna. never heard tht name before. but i forgot to ask my animal guides name. 🙁

  11. jssilentsurrender says:

    I thought mine was a horse, so I prayed a lot about it for about ten minutes, then went back and it was a German Shepherd named Pongo (Which is cool, Pongo was a mut (of idk what) dog that my parents had when I came into this world, he was old and “ran away” when I was little..) A few weeks ago I’d thought about spirit guides (but not meditated too much on it) and I was so sure mine was a puppy German Shepherd I was going to adopt, but couldn’t because I was worried about my finances…

  12. CAMInnovation says:

    I am a blue heron. What does this mean?

  13. dafirenze117 says:

    @Peppamomma yes

  14. dafirenze117 says:

    @121kody it probably means your making things up

  15. 121kody says:

    what does it mean if it changes from a wolf to a dragon?

  16. Peppamomma says:

    is it possible to have 2 spirit guides?

  17. marinejackson says:

    try it again x

  18. marinejackson says:

    Wolf – creation, healing, purification
    dont know about the silver eyes, but: – Loyalty, protection
    Experiencing a sense of community
    Having strong family ties
    Feeling fearful or hunted, wanting to keep the wolf from your door

  19. sergeant8041 says:

    mine was a wolf but then it changed to a dragon, it was blood red then green then black, and my guide was tommy the green ranger, black dino, zeo 5 and white ranger.
    this is all wat u want it to be, ill try later to see if it changed cause i was wanting a dragon

  20. sergeant8041 says:

    wat eva u do dont read comments b4 u watch this

  21. Neenee1a says:

    Do you have to draw a circle and get some of that medicine just to find your spiritual animal

  22. Neenee1a says:

    How do yall find yall spiritual animal i tryed so hard but still nothing

  23. ddrstandard2008 says:

    @marinejackson Mine was a black wolf with silver eyes can you tell me anything about that?

  24. GhostGuitars says:


    Interesting. My animal at this time was a snow leopard and my guide is a blonde woman, altho I have met her before a numkber of times.

  25. MushuMarit says:

    My animal was a yellow geopard with black spots and my spirit guide a tall, blonde, young man. I did not get his name. He told me not to take everything so seriously and that things would work out fine for me. Remember to laugh.

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