Energy Meditation Made Super Easy

Energy is defined by some to be everything that surrounds us. It is said to be everything we see, feel and experience. The majority of the religions of the world even state we are connected to the things around us. You only need to become aware of this which can be done with simple energy meditation.

You can use the technique we have talked about below to connect with all of this energy as well as your own inner psyche. This is also called your imagination by some people. It’s just different names for the same thing.

You need to set yourself into a comfortable position and close your eyes. While doing this you need to take some deep breaths for several minutes. Think nothing but positive thoughts while you are doing this to pull up your positive energy. Think about the things you are grateful for and how you are thankful for living.

Next, imagine that all things are simply energy. This should include the room, floors, food and anything else around you. Just imagine them as being made up of infinite amounts of energy, buzzing around. Then imagine all of those objects have become one field of energy and it totally surrounds you. Try to envision this energy as a white light.

Imagine you are one and the same with this energy field. Your body will begin to fade away as the process is completed. You should start to feel a sense of peacefulness at this point. It should feel almost like you know what your purpose really is now and where your origins lie.

After you have achieved this total peace you can imagine all that energy going back to its usual form. This will help you to return to the conscious world. You can then stay silent for a few moments as you open up your eyes and come back to where you were when you began.

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