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Creativity cannot be taught; it can simply be stumbled upon after removing the barriers to it. In today’s world, it is difficult, at times, to separate fact from fiction. There are two primary reasons for this. 1. Media sources that one might ordinarily turn to for truth do not, in fact, have truth as their top priority. Pleasing sponsors who pay them is probably the top priority. 2. Most of us have been programmed to accept lies. This happens from childhood. How many of us were told, as children, about a fat man at the North Pole who was going to bring gifts to us in the dead of winter? Most of us, especially in the West, were subject to this particular lie. But the lies don’t stop just because we become adults. Many parents are happy to tell their children, “Be good or you’re going to hell.” This is one of many religious lies that parents tell their children. You don’t believe it? Request the booklet that exposes this particular lie from 8v@8v.com and have your eyes opened. Hell is a product of fear religion and the mistranslations of the King James Bible. How is this possible? It is possible because even in 1611, Church of England and the Roman Church were happy to be threatening each other with hell. Take away the mistranslations of the King James Bible and the words, “Go to hell!” just don’t have the same zing to it.

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Did you know that over a decade ago, some scientists were sounding an alarm that there was a trend of global cooling? Now, there is a political group sounding an alarm about temperatures going the opposite direction and blaming it on the activities of humans. Ozone depletion is speculative science at best. However, the ultimate absurdity is the “cap and trade” laws being considered seriously by legislators, including the US Congress. In other words, they are planning to hold up a theory and pretend that it is true and then tax people as if it were true. In most of the universities of the United States, there are faculty members who are priests of the new “man-made global warming” propaganda. These are of the same mind-set as the evolutionists, who also like to base their perceptions of reality on theories, particularly faulty theories. Inside the typical university box is: “man-made global warming, evolution, political correctness, and tenure”. Tenure is the vehicle through which empty-headed professors with half-baked ideas continue to teach when they should be fired.

One of the most profound lies in today’s world is the lie of the immortal soul. This comes straight from the winged serpent. The serpent indicated to Adam’s wife that she would not die. She bought the lie, hook, line and sinker. And so do the majority of people today. People believe they have an immortal soul. However, souls die (Ezekiel 18:4). Souls die because they sin. How many have sinned? All have sinned (Romans 3:23). Why would the winged serpent want us to continue to believe that we have an immortal soul? It’s because, if we believe that we have immortal life already, then we will not generally be interested in genuine salvation, the process through which we could manage to have a resurrection into eternal life.

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