Explanation of the Four Mental States Achieved Using Binaural Beats

You may be aware that utilizing binaural beats allows you to obtain various states of mind. This is achieved by “tuning” your brain into various frequencies. Once your brain is focused on these various frequencies, it is easier to achieve the state of mind you are looking to achieve such as relaxation, thinking positively, increased memory, focus, and more.

Over a century ago, the advantages of binaural beats were found. It was found that by playing different frequencies into the ears, it could change the frequency that the brain operates at. As an example, if you wanted to bring your mind into a similar state that deeper sleep gives you, a frequency of about one to three hertz (hertz are changes per minute) could be played into your ears. And today, just a CD or MP3 player is required to get your brainwave frequency where you want it.

In order to get your brain to tune into one of the specific frequencies, different sounds can be delivered to each ear. In the case of binaural beats (there are also isochronic and monaural beats, but we\’ll use binaural for the discussion here), a tone is played in in each ear. One tone may be 100 Hz, the other is played at 108 Hz. This creates a binaural “beat” with the same frequency as the difference of the two (8 Hz). In this case, 8 Hz corresponds with the theta state of mind which is good for creating ideas.

These frequencies can be classified into four categories, with each category targeting a different state of mind. The names of these frequencies may be very familiar to you, as the names are commonly used when speaking of other topics, but mostly when talking about binaural beats. These frequencies are called theta, delta, alpha, and beta.

Starting in the 13 Hz to the 25 Hz range is the beta frequency range. In this range, your brain can work on reducing stress and anxiety, as well as remaining alert.

Next are the frequencies in the alpha range. These frequencies range from 8 Hz to 12 Hz. Positive thinking and the ability to enhance your ability to learn can occur in this range. In addition, it also causes a state of light relaxation.

In the range from 4 to 7 Hz, you can experience benefits that include deeper relaxation (which is great for meditation), improving your memory, better focus, and many other benefits. This is the theta range.

Delta frequencies occur at lower than 4 Hz. Deep, dreamless sleep, an increase in immune functions, lucid dreaming and losing awareness of your body can occur in this range.

From what you have just read, you can see that binaural beats can be used to induce an array of mental states. With each of these states, benefits are offered to the listener, even if the listener does not have any experience with binaural beats at all. All they require is an open mind.

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