Exploring The Anatomy Of The Mind For Success

Exploring the anatomy of the mind for success is something every individual should consider investing time in. Often likened to that of a super computer, the human mind is a very powerful device, allowing us to go far in life, be successful and realize whatever dreams which we may have. Thus, it is important for any individual to explore the anatomy of the mind in order to open up any possible paths to success in life.

At the very outset, it is important to recognize that the human mind is essentially made up of two main parts – the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. These two parts of the human mind function in conjunction with one another and are by no means separate entities. Achieving success would be a factor dependent on how well these two parts of the brain are used with one another.

To start off, we begin with the conscious mind. This part of the mind is what we use often in our day-to-day functions in places such as in school or at the office. This part of the mind controls cognitive functions such as our thought process, decision making process and analysis of problems. This is also the part which school tends to train, by enhancing our mental framework in more sophisticated ways. This part of the mind is able to reason and differentiate between things that are good or bad as well as being true or false. While this part of the mind is necessary in allowing us to go about daily lives, it is insufficient merely to rely completely on this part of the human mind to achieve success in life.

Subsequently, we move on to the subconscious mind. This part of the mind does not rest, unlike our conscious mind, even working while we are asleep. The subconscious mind covers many functions which we often take for granted, such as when we are breathing during sleep, the way we speak and the way we eat. This part of the mind is unable to differentiate various occurrences that it might come into contact with. Such occurrences include truth from falsity, as well as reality and the imaginary. Whatever information that the subconscious brain comes into contact with is not filtered or analyzed and gets programmed into our conscious mind, which determines the action ultimately carried out by us. This transmission of information form the subconscious to the conscious mind is carried out after a process of repetitions and a series of affirmations.

Given that, our subconscious mind is extremely vulnerable to negative affirmations. Negative messages can often work their way unnoticed into our subconscious where it enters our conscious mind and manifests itself as the result which we do not want to see. Thus, it is important for us to develop positive affirmations. This could take the forming of using positively charged words that appeal to our self-esteem and inner needs. It could also entail surrounding ourselves with positive like-minded people who never consider failure as an option.

Success or failure all rests upon how well we make use of our subconscious minds. What’s stopping you from making the change for the better?

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