Facts About Past Lives Reincarnation

There is a belief prevalent that the soul leaves the body and enters the new body once the old body dies. This theory is also known as reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a belief by both Hindus and Buddhists. The Hindu religion believes that reincarnation takes place because of the soul and karma. Karma refers to the deeds carried over one’s lifetime. According to the Hindu scriptures the soul is eternal and remains alive; it gets into different human bodies and changes its forms.

There is only change of the physical body and personality in different lifetimes, however there is constancy of the soul, and new lessons are learnt with each incarnation.

The reincarnation theory states that there are many physical forms of the soul for a long time until freedom is attained from the necessity of being in physical form. When the soul reaches this stage, it gives up the physical plane forever for enjoyment of eternal bliss. But not everyone has a belief in this theory there are some people who do not have faith in the theory of past lives reincarnation. And there are people who believe that past occurrences have an impact on our present lives. It is because of our past karmas that we go through poverty, illness, depression, etc in our current life. Hypnotic therapy like regression helps explain this theory even further.

Buddha has taught us the concept of reincarnation or rebirth basis meditation and his own direct experience. With meditation many Buddhist Yogis develop their capability to recollect the past lives of not only theirs but others too. This can also be developed by us by doing meditation in the same way. We can too recollect our past lives if we place our belief on Buddha’s reincarnation theory and practice meditation.

Reincarnation is also known by tow more names like metempsychosis or transmigration. Forms of reincarnation can be human, animal or plant. Human form reincarnation is not the only form of reincarnation and this is primarily dependant on the religion or philosophy. The reincarnation finally works toward escaping from the karma of life, death and rebirth.

The deep rooted faith in this philosophy is by religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. On the other hand there are people who have no faith in this philosophy of rebirth or reincarnation, they simply disregard this philosophy.

There are some programs that have been shown on the Indian television which reiterated the philosophy of past lives reincarnation. Through the process of hypnosis people have proved that reincarnation exists and there are people who take different forms. The two different schools of thought are still present on the past life reincarnation theory – one which supports it and basically stems from Hinduism and Buddhism and the other school of thought which shows no faith in this theory.

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