Focused Meditation — Immediate Path Of Creativity

In the 1970’s it was noted by many students of Behavior Psychology that, in many cases, a laboratory rat is smarter than a human. It’s because a laboratory rat can eventually notice that certain pathways are not helpful in finding the cheese. On the other hand, so many times, humans continue on the same path because they have in mind that “the cheese is supposed to be here” when it really isn’t. As humans, our trial-and-error compartment may not be as active as it should be. There is also the issue of creativity itself. Colleges cannot teach us creativity. In fact, most colleges and universities go the opposite direction, teaching us how to be robotic, how to be politically correct, how to believe in evolution and look down our noses at the Bible, how to believe in man-made global warming. Global warming has a new label: climate change. The academic alarmists have realized that “global warming” has a sort of extremism attached to it.

Creativity is achieved by breaking set patterns of thought. We create our own one-person think tank by breaking set patterns of thought and breaking free of the traditional avenues of thought. One of the best ways to break set thought patterns is through effective meditation. This is to be distinguished from other types of meditation such as those that promote empty-headedness, mindless mantras, and repeated word syndromes.

We, as humans, do not like to be corrected or told that we are wrong. However, in order to see progress in our lives, one of the best techniques is to make use of constructive criticism and make good changes. After all, we should not try to reason around why what we are doing is not allowing us to find the cheese. This requires flexibility and a willingness to try something adventurous and inspiring.

“Heaviness in the heart of man makes it stoop: but a good word makes it glad” (Proverbs 12:25).

The King James “heart” is from the Hebrew “leb”, meaning center of the mind. Over 90 percent of the time, when the Bible mentions a heart, it is speaking of the center of the mind, not the heart that pumps blood.


It is always better to be positive, upbeat, and cheerful when going into meditation. Otherwise, the outcome may be less than what could be desired. Meditation is of little value unless it helps us in our daily lives. Effective meditation is a way of having a more full understanding of our lives and a more focused attention to the point of our existence.

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable” (1 Corinthians 15:19). As humans, we might need to be creatively selfish in order to recognize our need for a life that transcends this chemical physical existence.

Unfortunately, most people believe they already have eternal life. Thanks to threats received during childhood, most people believe the “go to heaven/go to hell” notion. Anyone who would like to transcend this particular notion should request the booklet “Hell Is A Lie!” It is a real eye-opener and it is free from Hell is a product of fear religion and the mistranslations of the King James Bible. Fearful people do not find it easy to meditate. Caution is generally a self-protecting reaction but fear tends to be an extreme and, in some cases, can degrade one’s quality of life.

Effective meditation involves breaking away from set thought patterns and escaping from traditional imperatives that tend to keep us sort of trapped in the ordinariness of life. Breaking free is always the right choice.


Wily Elder


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