From Past Life To Now

From Past Life to here in a place solidified by the fragment of the past meeting up with the present. Everyone has a moment when they must consider the possibilities of having lived a previous life. This may be identified in a moment when something new takes on an aged feeling. Inviting this moment to teach you should be celebrated, the opportunities it presents might prove to be life changing.

Most people at one point or another have thought about the possibility of having lived a previous life. The thought is given more serious attention when sequences of unexplainable events are made more apparent. Reoccurring dreams, unexplained talents and behavioral patterns that resurface may be the result of unfinished business.

Having a calling to understand these sequence of events may change your relationship to the world forever. Your most cherished relationships, health and finances can take a positive turn. Your entire life can become more gratifying, and this could only be the greatest news. Now you only need the courage to proceed.

Emotional hurt is not an injury that is apparent to the eyes of man; and can be brought into new experiences. This make make better sense when you think about what one does to prepare for a trip. You pack all the essentials to ensure the success of your journey. Your subconscious mind is preparing your emotional self to be at its best. This part of the process is intentional and in place to support your happiness.

Things you would consider are the weather, time zone differences and customs. Your subconscious mind would be preoccupied with deciding which parts of your character will be present for the experience. Most importantly, you know where you are going and what to expect. Don’t be surprised if you show up and feel like you’ve been there before – even though you have not.

A time of discovery may be revealed in a new minute that suddenly takes on a familiar feeling. Some refer to this encounter as a moment of Deja Vu. It is then generally followed by laughter and a series of scattered questions. It is in fact a past experience being revealed to you. The luggage of your previous life will travel with you in secret; it knows it belongs with you and will await your embrace.

The idea of being in control of how your life will unfold is comforting. You are conscious of who you are in the experience and your participation is intentional. You might live each day as if its your last or you are repairing it as you move along. Either way, you are storing and filtering experiencing that may show up in a future existence. Making the most of it might make for a lighter travel.

The idea of being in charge of your choices in the world can be reassuring. You are present in your process and aware of your participation. You might be living as if tomorrow is not promised; or you make take as many opportunities as you can to repair and become anew. Your approach can recreate an opportunity for a broader understanding.

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