Guided Healing Meditation Chakra music: The root chakra

Take a look at this video about meditations:

The root chakra or base chakra is the 1st chakra and the most important one. The color is red. and is located at the base of your spine. The root chakra stands for security, safety and basic needs, like clothing money etc…..

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25 Responses to Guided Healing Meditation Chakra music: The root chakra

  1. rEtz3L says:

    @TheChilly77 i know why !!

    the amount of ur chakra is going down when u do dat and dats why u feel sick.. and u can visualize that dark red ball .. it means ur doing great !!

  2. TheChilly77 says:

    Is there a reason why I feel sick when doing this and I can only visualise a dark red ball?

  3. MrMrBeansidol says:

    um…it kinda hurts…is it because its the first time i try?or i dont do this right?or cuz i accidentaly found it?or cuz im doing this in a chair??

  4. rockernepali says:

    it feel so fresh and feels like i am light light is cming out of my body and my head is glowing jai bshinu maheswor and shiva three gods of universe

  5. arjun12345a says:

    i agree n its so fast n quick, sometimes difficult to contain energy

  6. XrevengaX says:

    the talking made it impossable for me to meditate… :/

  7. InterstellarArchives says:

    Look at fractal art that should get you more in the state works for me anytime i want to open myself to somthing…

  8. InterstellarArchives says:

    In the strategically fluoridated supply’s… people must ask the question. If they say the dosage is 1 part per million so how do the people know they are getting there fair share of poison? as it would indicate one gallon of fluoride per million ltrs of water i doubt they could even get that right. especially if the water treatment plant employers are drinking the stuff… I know that Prozac (fluoxetine) is almost pure poison, i have a cousin who took it for years guess what?shes now braindead

  9. InterstellarArchives says:


    Yeah i know what you mean, i have been lucky enough to live on a private water supply from a hill spring for almost 15 years, But when i was around 7 or 8 i was given fluoride tablets from my dentist… 😐 sometimes i wonder if i was singled out? strange. Activated charcoal would be helpful to those who have no escape from toxins… Thanks for the reply
    Peace and Love IA

  10. postmasterw00t says:


    i wouldnt worry about toothpaste as much

    water is the worst

  11. InterstellarArchives says:


    Yeah not good for your third eye, calciferous to your pineal. Un Fluoridated tooth paste is hard to come by were i live found it eventually in an organic shop its only penny’s more expensive…

    Cant put a price on your body though good advice my friend 🙂

    Peace and Love

  12. knapkovalada says:

    really powerful meditation. and include the essence is amazing tool!

  13. joshfaz says:

    amazing experience

  14. GanGsTerR4Live says:

    blah blah vlah stfu

  15. GoldenSun96 says:

    I think i opened it because i’ve been having this weird pleasurable feeling down where it’s located and it’s like giving me urges to do stuff.. if you know what i mean.

  16. ReyesRobby says:


  17. mateor09 says:

    that was inntteennnsssee!!

  18. mateor09 says:


  19. moveincircles89 says:

    ‘most important chakra’ ….lawl.

  20. booyahz says:

    this is the best meditation experience / rush I’ve ever experienced

    this is no fantasy

    this is amazing

  21. fodapraacharumnome says:


  22. araskoyee says:

    these type of meditation it doesn’t serve anything , it is just a fantasy, a temporary medicine, the real meditation is to set a goal in your life to lift up your spirit for the supreme being, not use your spiritual powers for the material world which is always temporary.

  23. BootyBot says:


  24. TommyLee2021 says:

    this is awesome !!!

  25. jeffthebombhardy says:

    im was relaxing i am 10 years old so verry relaxing

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