Guided Meditation

Guided meditation has its roots in western culture where it has traditionally been participated in by those interested in developing their psychic abilities and following a more spiritual way of life. In recent years guided meditation has seen a surge in popularity and adoption by a more mainstream audience who have come to realise just how relaxing and enjoyable it can be.

Whereas transcendental meditation is about stilling every part of your being, guided meditation is about taking the listener on a visualised journey. They are perfect for the many people who struggle to quiet their thoughts and whose minds are forever racing in different directions. A guided meditation gives such people something to think about. Through listening to a soothing voice and soft background music an over-active mind can be calmed and a state of gentle relaxation can be induced.

This type of meditation is especially beneficial to those people suffering from stress. We all have our everyday troubles and woes and going on a visualised journey can be a fantastic way to escape for a short time. These journeys can take the listener to far away magical lands, or for those more experienced it can help them link to their Higher-self, their Spirit Guides and their Divine Creator.

To get the most from a guided meditation it is best to prepare. Set aside some time when you know you will not be interrupted, turn off the phone and get comfy in your favourite chair or settled on your bed. An experienced guide will take you into quite a deep state of relaxation before returning you to reality gently, getting disturbed mid meditation can leave you a little disoriented. It is always a sensible idea to have a glass of water to hand as this can help to ground you after a meditation, to focus your attention and bring you back to the moment.

Many guided meditations have been developed to help people with the more common afflictions of modern day living such as stress, worry and difficulty sleeping. More specialised meditations have been produced to assist people with diseases, abusive pasts, addictions and perceived weaknesses. Other guided meditations are created purely to take you on a magical journey – maybe you would like to visit the lost city of Atlantis, explore an Enchanted Castle or take a Shamanic Journey. Increasingly popular during the tough times that many people are facing right now are angel meditations. Once on your journey it is a common practise for experienced guides to let you to dwell in certain places and at key times of visualisation, thereby allowing you to explore on your own and personlise your journey.

Advanced and experienced users of guided meditations can use them to progress the abilities they have within themselves. Guided Meditation is a widely used method for developing the psychic and healing abilities in people and for providing a connection with our higher self and spirit guides.

Whatever your reason for taking a guided meditation, be it simply for relaxation or for something altogether more spiritual you are sure to feel less stressed and more at peace afterwards.

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