Guided Meditation ? Easy Meditation for Beginners Part 2

This is a guided meditation, meant for beginners, but it is also effective if you know how to meditate.

It is best to ask someone with a calm and friendly voice to read to you the steps in mediation and follow the directions precisely.

Guided meditation can bring you to a peace you may not have ever known in your life before, and being in that peace, all you do, all you wish, and all you are is possible.


You must do the pre-meditation preparation as outlined in part 1 of this article.

When that is accomplished and you are in a quiet place and very comfortable position (sitting, not laying, as if you lay down, you will quickly fall to sleep), you are ready to begin.

Ask the person to begin reading now.

When the reader/guider sees the symbol ? they should pause for a moment while you accomplish what you are asked to do.

The symbol ?indicates the meditation is over and the reader may now stop.

The Guided Meditation

With you eyes closed, begin now taking a few deep breaths, holding them for a moment, and then slowly exhaling them. ?.

Now begin inhaling through your nose to a count of 5 (reader count to five), hold to a count of five (reader count to five), and exhale to a count of five (reader count to five). This must be done 5 times. ?

Now start visualizing your breath.

See the fresh energetic air coming in through your nose, and going deep into your lungs.

Visualize the spent air, changing places with the new air, and see the spent air leaving your body back into the atmosphere.

Watch the air coming in changing and going out. If other thoughts come to you, about anything else, chase them away, all you are going to think about, and to see mentally is the incoming and outgoing air. ?

Start now, as you are concentrating on the air to say mentally “so” with the incoming airflow and “hum” with the outgoing airflow. Sohum…means in Sanskrit “I am He”…meaning you too are made of God, you are His creation, you are made from Him, and you are Him.

Breathe in ‘so’ and breathe out ‘hum’. If other thoughts come to you, shoo them away, like a you would a bothersome fly.

Keep you thoughts on the incoming and outgoing air, and with the incoming you say mentally, ‘so’ and with the outgoing ‘hum’ So ? Hum?, think of nothing else. Watch the live incoming energized air, and the spent air leaving your body.

All the while saying ‘so’ as the air enters your body, and ‘hum’ as the air leaves your body.

You will feel a deep sense of peace, and also a wonderful vitality that each cell, each molecule in your body is energized with the power of the universe, and the spent and toxic laden air leaves you body and takes with it all negative forces that were in you.

Keep breathing in and saying ‘so’ and keep exhaling and saying ‘hum’.

Think “I am He…He am I” , for ‘sohum’ also becomes ‘humso’ ?

Ten minutes have now passed.

Take a very deep breathe and hold it, then exhale deeply.

Do this three times. ?. Slowly open your eyes, and without talking at all, feel the wonderful peace that both surrounds you and is within you. Sit for a moment and enjoy the peace. ?


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