Have You Ever Had Precognition?

Has it ever happened to you that you dreamt about a family member meeting an accident and then it happened in reality in a matter of few days? Or may be smaller instances like you knew that you will come first in class and actually you did? In case your answer is yes, even if the scenarios don’t match, chances are that you have the psychic power of precognition to some extent. Precognition, coming from ‘pre’ and ‘cognito’ simple means having prior knowledge before its occurrence.

Tracing the patterns of precognitive occurrences, most of the times it is seen to happen a day or two prior to the actual incident, but there has been many instances where precognition has taken place years before. Moreover, almost all the times it happens in relation to something negative and emotionally shocking like that of knowing about someone dying, a loved one being ill or some natural disaster.

Man has forever been interested in precognition. Starting from the ancient prophets to modern astrologers, all are involved in the process of predicting the future which man so desperately want to know.

The two words which precognition is confused and used alternatively with are those of premonition and prophecy. But it must be stated that while premonition refers to just the feeling or sensing that something going to happen, prophecy is just a subset of precognition. Thus all precognitions are not prophecies but all prophecies are cases of precognitions.

If you have been having dreams which have come true, or experiencing knowing about something before they happen, then you might have wondered whether you have any sixth sense or is it the work of coincidence. In answering this question, you can use the oldest and most popular technique of the Zener Cards to assess whether you possess psychic powers, and if yes, then to what extent.

Zener Card Test basically comprise of a deck of card each having a specific symbol on them like a square, round, etc. A card is removed from the deck and you are asked to predict what symbol the card contained. This goes on till one by one the entire deck gets depleted. Based on the algorithms created by Dr. Rhine along with Karl Zener, the two creators of this test, your score is determined reflecting whether you have ‘no ability’, ‘some ability’, ‘significant ability’ or ‘very significant ability’ of precognition.

In case you have come to know about your precognition abilities and want to develop it further, a good thing is to start with small self practicing techniques in day to day activities. Thus you can start practicing by attempting to predict the outcome of rolling a die, a cricket match, someone’s examination, etc.

Progressing further, if one wants to really develop precognition abilities for being able to control and use the same, meditation needs to be made an integral part of life. Meditation is the best technique to be aware of your true self and develop control over your subconscious and all its powers. Attaining a state of deep trance ceases perceptions from all peripheral sources and helps focus the mind in one direction of precognition.

It must be concluded that precognition is a psychic ability, the possession of which is a rare thing. Many people consider it to be a curse especially where they come to know about negative incidents beforehand. But it must always be remembered that having this power is a gift and not a curse and it should be honed and developed to be put to use in helping other fellow human beings.

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