Healing Meditation

When you are performing a healing meditation, you are making your mind, body, and spirit whole.  You begin to feel as if you don’t have worry or get upset about life.  Your body functions without pain and illness.  Most of all, you feel fulfilled.

Just as with any form of meditation, there is no one or perfect way to perform a healing meditation.  You can learn how to do them from a practioners or you can teach yourself and practice listening to downloads online, on CDs, videos, etc.

Depending on the kind of healing meditation you are looking for will depend on what you want to heal within your body.  You can perform meditations to heal physical ailments, negative emotions, the total body, or even to gather healing energy to heal someone else.

Below are a few examples of these:

Sound Meditation for Healing:  This form of meditation uses a sound or mantra that many Buddhist monks or even shamans have used to create energetic vibrations that would stimulate cells in the body to help it clear and strengthen.  It also is considered to be a pathway to spiritual awakening and personal development.

The sound that is most often used universally in this kind of meditation is the sound of AH, which is the sound of creation.  Usually this is found in the words Amen or the sound of Ohm.  When we create this sound ourselves as opposed to listening to AH, it brings us into an internal consciousness that cuts into our spiritual selves.

Organ Cleansing Meditation:  This is a meditation that specifically focuses on the major internal organs of the body such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver.   When you perform this method of meditation, you are able to clear out energy that s no longer needed, move through the spirit realms easily, and also function normally with a sense of clarity.  It will help you not only focus on each organ of the body but will also help them to strengthen as you focus your energy on love on them.

Diseased Cells Meditation:  This meditation is designed to help reconstruct and strengthen each tiny cell in your body.  You are guided to comprehend not only how your body works but to answer why it is always sick or why the immunity level of your body is low.  It will not only take you to a deeper part of yourself, but also teach you how to heal yourself.  With practice you will be able to work understanding yourself better and knowing when your body doesn’t feel good so you can heal it effectively.

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