How Can You Remote View?

Remote View is the skill which enables a person to see things that are not visible to ordinary eyes. If you are aware of ESP or extra sensory perception or psychic abilities, then you would know that through this special ability one can view remotely objects, places, events, happenings and persons which has occurred in a different place or timeframe altogether.

Remote viewing originated in the beginning of the 20th century when some scientists started to work and experiment with this phenomenon. The U.S government is believed to use remote viewing during the Second World War to locate the positioning of the soviet military and similar other things. Later, apart from being studied and researched upon in many nations, it has also been one of the U.S governments funded research topics. Thus remote view can be said to have become popular at the start of 90’s.

The art of remote viewing as a paranormal ability can be categorized into three distinct types. The first factor is geographical. Thus, a psychic can remote view a person or an object and describe it in detail which may be located at a different corner of the world.

Time is the factor number two. A psychic is said to be able to use his remote viewing abilities to describe a past event or something that will occur in the future. For example, a psychic can remote view your future house, its location and surroundings, the lawns, and the like which you may inhabit 20 years from now.

There is another factor of remote view. This called the shield factor. This is the special ability where a psychic can remote view an object which is guarded or shielded in a container. The psychic can actually see what is inside these shielded boxes or a closed room. This needs high level of concentration and focusing power. This is also a kind remote view ability.

In this way we can inarguably say that remote view is related to psychic abilities like clairvoyance and precognition. Clairvoyance or ‘clear viewing’ is the ability to see things that cannot be seen by normal sight, whereas the ability to predict the future or describe future events is termed as precognition.

To remote view is a rare ability and a very gifted few can actually do this. This is a skill people are born with. However people have the potential of remote viewing within them. It can be developed within people if they properly focus upon the same. One of the simplest forms to develop such abilities is meditation. Thus control can be taken over the subconscious mind. In this process one can be able to control the psychic qualities hidden within the layers of the subconscious. Slowly this leads to the development of the ability to remote view.

Though the world has termed Remote viewing as a pseudoscience which cannot be properly validated or proved according to perfect scientific standards, it can be said that there are many things in this world which science is yet to prove, one of them being the abilities of a human mind and remote view can be termed as one of those.

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