How To Become Psychic – Beginning The Process

Wondering how to become psychic is like contemplating how to fly a plane. We all have the ability to learn how, but just reading about it will not actually gain you the skill. You need theory and practice.

There is a little technique I created called the RARE formula. RARE is an outline of how to become psychic. It stands for learning how to relax, asking for what you want to know and finally to receive your messages entirely without blockage.

Relaxing, although inherently pleasurable, for some individuals remains a challenge. The best way to relax is to take up the practice of meditation. If you do not like to meditate or cannot because of an inability to sit still very long, try this approach.

If you focus on something you have taken the first major step at relaxing. Buddhists call this mindfulness or a living meditation. Simply focus on something you would be doing anyway for a period of time, eliminating all thought about anything else. You can focus on walking, eating, typing or even humming a pleasant song. When you focus you are opening a door to your psychic mind.

Asking to receive your psychic messages is the next step in the how to become psychic process. Usually asking is done with a prayer requesting psychic guidance and protection. Protection is needed since opening yourself up to energies can bring in both good and bad.

Please do not panic. I have never had a negative experience in opening the spiritual channels, however, it is better to be safe about this and ask for protection.

You are ready now to complete the last two steps in the RARE formula. These steps are receiving your messages in their entirety. While this may seem straightforward enough, this is perhaps the most difficult of all the steps needed to learn how to become psychic. Because of this you will need to find a safe and supportive environment to develop your skills.

In such an environment, making mistakes will be easily forgiven. This is needed as you begin to learn when your messages are coming from spirit or from your own head.

More advanced psychics will trust their messages with greater and greater conviction. Even if a client denies a message is true, the advanced psychic will know that a message they clearly received from the spiritual realm is to be trusted completely.

Spirit does not lie. Only the human mind creates corrupted messages.

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