How To Cleanse Crystals

The gemstone energy medicine movement resurfaced decades ago with interest in crystals for healing and crystal clusters for uplifting the vibrations of rooms. If healing stones are properly cared for, their capabilities are extensive. When applied therapeutically, crystals help release unwanted energies from the patient’s body and aura. In time, these unwanted energies collect on the crystals’ surface as well as in the energy field that surrounds them. Much like the clutter on a desk can get in the way of your ability to work, the unwanted energies on a crystal get in the way of its healing powers, and the stones must be cleansed.

Here are some guidelines for how often to cleanse crystals. Crystal clusters that are used to uplift the vibrations of your home or office should be cleansed each time you dust, or every week or two. Crystal therapy tools should be cleansed after each session in which you use them. Cleansing is essential for three reasons. First, the unwanted energies that crystals may pick up from one patient can be transferred to the next. Second, to protect subsequent patients from this unwanted energy, you as the practitioner might pick it up instead. Finally, if the crystals continue to absorb unwanted energy, it will accumulate on the crystals’ surface and energy field, thus limiting their healing potential.

The good news is that crystals respond particularly well to cleansing. Start by cleansing your healing crystals with water. This will remove the dust and dirt that accumulates on the crystals’ surface. Use running water from your sink only if your tap water is non-chlorinated. You will also need an old toothbrush and some mild soap or detergent. Hold your crystals under the running water, put some detergent on the toothbrush, and brush the crystal surfaces.

Occasionally, switch the water temperature between hot and cold. The soap will work to remove collected dirt and dust from the crystals. During therapeutic use, crystals collect unwanted energies. The motion of the running water will help remedy this problem. If crystal clusters are used to uplift the vibrations of rooms, they will also gather unwanted energies, and the running water will help with this also. Use a pitcher of purified water instead of tap water if your faucet runs on treated or chlorinated water. The process is the same as mentioned before. Use your soapy toothbrush, but rather than tap water, pour water from the pitcher over your crystals.

Once the crystals are physically cleansed, you can also clear their energy field using GEMFormulas Energy Clearing Cleansing Spray. This will eliminate unwanted energies that the energy field may have picked up.

The limitation of the running water method is its inability to clear electromagnetic radiation that the crystals naturally pick up from environments with high electromagnetic fields or the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that they may remove from the body during a therapy session. To clear EMR, spray the crystals with GEMFormulas EMR Protection Clearing Spray, which was specially designed for this purpose.

Spray the GEMFormulas Diamond Healing Rejuvenating Spray on your crystals to bring forward their true purpose, and uplift their vibrations even more. You should be able to tell, intuitively, how far away to hold the spray, and at what angle. As you continue to customize your use of all three sprays, their cleansing and rejuvenating properties will become more effective.

By using both soap and water to physically clean your crystals, and GEMFormulas sprays to energetically clear them, your crystals will be able to express their maximum healing potential.

Click here to view a video demonstration of how to cleanse crystals. Isabelle Morton is the founder of Gemstone Therapy Institute and a International authority on gemstone energy medicine. In the 1980’s, Isabelle revolutionized gemstone sphere therapy and wrote her first book, “Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians,” authored under the name Ginny Katz and co-authored with Michael Katz.

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