How To Cleanse Gemstone Necklaces

The clutter on her desk is piling up, and eventually, she can’t get anything done until it’s been cleared away. This familiar scenario serves as a metaphor for the need to effectively cleanse healing gemstone necklaces. The capabilities of healing stones are extensive, provided they are properly cared for. If applied therapeutically, gemstones have the ability to expel unwanted energies from the patient’s body and aura. Over time, unwanted energies will collect on the surface of gemstones. These unwanted energies might also gather in the energy field that surrounds each of the healing stones. Similar to the clutter on a desk, if healing stones are not properly cleansed, unwanted energies will get in the way of the stones’ healing powers.

The most common gemstone necklace cleansing methods include: running water, sunlight, moonlight, soil cleansing, smudging, salt, and clay packs and baths. In addition to these, new cleansing sprays have been created from the energetic imprint of gemstone energies specially crafted to clear several types of unwanted energies. These new sprays might be the quickest, simplest, and most effective method of all.

While cleaning your gemstone necklaces with water might seem practical, water cleansing is only effective on crystals, crystal clusters, and other non-threaded mineral kingdom therapy tools. The foremost problem with cleansing gemstone necklaces with water is premature breakage. If you have a serious health condition, it is necessary to cleanse your therapeutic gemstones daily, if not more often, and such frequent cleansing leads to a weakening of the thread. If your water is chlorinated, it will also deteriorate the thread, and should not be used for cleansing gemstones. Furthermore, you’ll get the most benefit from a necklace if you maintain constant physical contact with it. In the process of drying a necklace you lose this contact. You then lose the supportive resources the gemstones built up when you were wearing them.

Sunbathing is another widely used method for cleaning gemstone necklaces. However, certain gemstones can be bleached by the sun. In addition, the gems can absorb potentially harmful solar radiation. If you want to give your gems a sunbath, put them near a sunny window. This is an effective rejuvenation method for your already-cleansed gemstones.

Only certain gemstones benefit from moonlight bathing (Sugilite, for example). It is the moon’s gravitational pull that does the cleansing, not the light from the moon (the sun’s reflection) as one might expect. Spray your gemstones with the new cleansing sprays prior to a moonbath if you want to try this method. Then, choose a protected location outside where the gems can lie in the moon’s light for a few hours.

Gemstone owners that live in a suburban or rural area will have access to soil for gemstone cleansing. Soil cleansing is effective and also provides rejuvenating earth energies. Additionally, plants and soil microbes provide a natural life-giving energy. This wanted energy is able to neutralize the unwanted energies that gemstones gather during therapy. But soil cleansing has its drawbacks. Among them is that curious animals can be attracted to the gemstones and relocate them. Owners reported finding their missing gemstones weeks or months later, and often at quite a distance from where they originally left their gems. In addition, soil particles can get stuck in the thread and drill holes of a necklace, which will then need to be water cleansed. In addition, soil can dull the shine of the softer gems such as Apatite, Fluorite, and Rhodocrosite (among others).

Cleansing your gemstones by placing them in a bowl of salt is easy. However, it is not a complete cleanse. Due to the nature of the salt crystal, it is able to absorb the bulk of unwanted energies, but not all of them. Also, it does not disperse these energies. In addition, the salt must be replaced every two to three days to keep it working effectively. This is no longer the most convenient or easy way to cleanse gemstones.

Originally clay was thought to be the most effective method for cleansing gemstones. In addition to removing unwanted energies from gemstones, clay is also able to remove x-rays and electromagnetic radiation. The downside to clay packs and baths is that they are messy, time-consuming, and put undue stress on the thread. Clay can also cause the surface of some gemstones to deteriorate.

Finally, gemstone and crystal cleansing is better all-around with cleansing sprays that are imprinted with the energies of therapeutic gemstones. The risk of premature necklace breakage is eliminated, as the thread does not get wet, and the process is quite efficient. The user will not have to break contact with a healing gemstone necklace, and the surface of gems such as Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, and Mother of Pearl will not be harmed (as they can be with water). Additionally, Rhodocrosite, Fluorite, and Apatite (the soft gems), are not at risk with these sprays.

Safety, simplicity, and effectiveness were all considered in the creation of the gem formula sprays. Not only do the sprays remove unwanted energies from the gemstones’ surface, but also from the energy field that surrounds them, and even from inside them. Some of the specific types of unwanted energies the sprays can clear include: negative energies, emotional energies, thought forms, entity contamination, pain residues, electromagnetic radiation, and the type of accumulation that clouds and blurs information communicated by our genes. The gem formula sprays finally allow clinical practitioners to easily apply therapeutic gemstones in practice. Between patients, practitioners can quickly, easily, and effectively perform a complete cleanse on their gem and crystal healing tools.

Isabelle is the founder of Gemstone Therapy Institute and a worldwide authority on gemstone energy medicine. In the late 80’s, Isabelle pioneered gemstone sphere therapy and wrote her bestseller, “Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians,” authored under the name Ginny Katz and co-authored by Michael Katz. View free videos on how to cleanse crystals and gem necklaces on her site.

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