How To Enhance Your Massage Chair Experience

Massage can effectively release tension within the muscles, improve blood and lymph flow, and get rid of unwanted toxins in the body. Today, there are various massage chairs, that enable you to enjoy a massage therapy without having to go to a spa center or find a masseuse. To ensure that you always have a perfect one with your massage chair, here are a couple of things to remember.

Buy the Right Chair!

If you are going to invest in a massage chair, you need to consider several factors so you can end up with one that would be able to meet your needs and expectations. It is best to rely on a trusted and topnotch brand so you can be assured of quality. Moreover, you have to check the features of the chair such as focus area of massage (full back, lower back, neck, shoulders, feet, and so on), integrated music player, heating element, traction system, foot and leg rest, adjustable recliner, and automatic controls. Although it is not necessary to get all of the features that you see in the market, you have to pick those that can enhance your massage experience.

Location, location, location

When going to unwind it would not make sense to have your chair in the middle of family room where everyone in going in and out, or where the tv is blaring. Choose the placement of your massage chair carefully so you can have a very relaxing massage.

Some Things to do Before and After

1. It would be best if you drank water before and after a massage to aid in the removal of the toxins.

2. Try to pick some soothing and calming melodies and tunes such as classical and instrumental. Loud music like rock and heavy metal will prevent your mind from relaxing.

3. Light up scented/aromatherapy candles. These are effective in soothing the mind and calming the senses.

4. How can you enjoy the massage therapy , if you keep on thinking about next week’s presentation or the household bills that you have to pay tomorrow? Even just for a while, clear your head and let soothing music be the only thing that you hear.

5. Combine massage therapy with any other relaxation technique to further enhance the experience.

6. Do not eat at least one hour before the massage. If you must, take on some light snacks like crackers and biscuits only.

7. Dim the lights in the room where you intend to get the massage, or turn off the lights and light some candles.

You deserve a break after a days hard work. Make the time for yourself by using the tips in this article to help enhance your experience.

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