How To Find Out If You Are A Reincarnation

Many people have the sneaking suspicion that they have lived before. This is known as reincarnation and is a major principle of several religions. It entails the soul leaving a body when the body dies. The soul then comes back, either immediately or at a later time in the body of a baby to live again. This can happen dozens of times, though there is no definite proof it can happen at all–except for people’s gut feelings about it.

The reason why people feel this is because of flashbacks one can experience to situations they know they could not have possibly experienced in their current life. Some people have very strong affinities or ties to certain trades, fashions, music, architecture, or whole decades in general that they have never seen and have no reason to like so much. If this describes a certain way you feel, perhaps you were reincarnated.

One good way to delve into this is to visit some sites. These sites have plenty of tips to help you discover if you are, in fact, a reincarnation. Some of these tips involve personal meditation, therapy, and hypnosis. All three things can help in order to let you unlock past memories.

So what purpose could unlocking your memories serve? You should never want to ignore a chance to learn more about yourself. You could find that you have a great skill in an area you have never considered. This is because you achieved much with that skill in a past life, so your soul does not feel the need to push you to achieve it now. It can help you get over phobias, too, because you can finally know the real reason why you are afraid.

Life presents many obstacles and the only way to get around them is to know your strengths and weaknesses. By learning more about yourself, you could end up living a happier existence and find strength you never knew you had.

Your relationships can also be decoded for you. Often times people who are close to you in this life are close because they also have reincarnated souls. They may have held a close relationship to you in a past life, too. The relationship may have been slightly different, but it could explain this one. If you and your father have always been more like friends than relatives, perhaps it is because he was your best friend in a former time.

So why does your soul want to live on and on? What about the idea of Heaven? Different religions have different ideas of Heaven. One of the largest religions on the planet, Hinduism, believes your soul does this in order to get to Heaven, or Nirvana. The soul needs to go through a lot of hardship, learn things, and gain skills to become perfect. Once it has lived enough and becomes perfect, it can go to a perfect place.

After it achieves perfection in its last life and you die, your soul can go to the Hindu version of Heaven, or Nirvana. Another reason why you should look into your past lives are to be able to see how many of them you have lived. You can then track your soul’s progress and help figure out what you have already learned and what you still need to learn.

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