How To Improve Your Emotional Health

Energy healing therapies help many different physical conditions, but they also support clients with emotional issues.

We all have moments when we try to hold in our emotions and not express how we truly feel about things – possibly due to a fear about how this would be received. We may get angry, but not be able to express it in a constructive way. Or we have issues within our relationships that we don’t feel we can express to our loved ones, for fear of the words coming out wrong, and hurting them – so we stuff the feelings down inside.

The problem is that the emotions don’t disappear when we stuff them down – they are still lurking beneath the surface. Emotions are energy, just like everything else in the universe, and the natural state is for energy to be constantly moving, flowing, without restriction.

Ignoring our feelings in this way can, easily, become a habit, one we don’t even know we’re doing and it is harmful because it is stopping the natural flow of energy.

Each and every one of us can recall a time when something minor has happened and yet we have reacted out of all proportion to what has happened. This is when the bottled up emotions have struck back, demanding to be heard. Like a volcano when it finally blows.

Reiki and Quantum Touch energy healing treatments can assist in cases of suppressed emotional energy. During sessions, clients can often suddenly finding themselves weeping, this is a type of release. It is all those suppressed emotions coming up to the surface. When this occurs, clients can often have a moment of clarity, a sudden spark coming to them telling them what the problem is at the root of their difficulties.

I will continue to support the client after such an emotional release, continuing to channel healing through their body. This will help to restore the natural flow of energies in their body. This quite often leads to the client falling asleep, not waking up till the session is finished; feeling so refreshed and relaxed that they don’t want to get up off the treatment couch!

In our society the expression of emotions – such as crying – can sometimes be seen in a negative way, however in healing circles it is something to be celebrated when a client becomes emotional- it is a sign that a release of negativity has been achieved. This will leave them feeling lighter, more at peace, and able to move on in life in a positive way, without that feeling of a powder keg waiting to explode.

One of the positive results of a healing session is that clients find the things that used to get them all tied up no longer have the same power, no longer light the fuse, as the emotional energy has been let out.

When we find ourselves taking things out on others it may well be a sign that it is time to do a personal audit, to find out what has taken the balance out of our energies. There will be something underlying which we need to find resolution to in order to bring back our personal harmony. It is a time to make space and to give ourselves some quiet time to think things through and possibly consult an experienced therapist to give us guidance.

The staff at Origin Psychics, and the Origin Retreat Centre are a team of dedicated and caring individuals who will accompany you on the journey back to a life of harmony and balance.

We all have times when we try to keepin our emotions and not convey how we truly feel about things. In this feature Lynne LeslieLynne Leslie explores how this can be harmful to our inner balanceinner balance and what we can do to reverse it. This article, How To Improve Your Emotional Health has free reprint rights.

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