How To Meditate – The Art Of Finding Stillness In The Noise

Noisy places can also be a good place for one to enhance and get used to meditating. What I wanted to enhance is meditation even while walking on the road. Meditation has been something that stirs my interest, and so I started collecting books about it. What I often see when people meditate is that they cross their legs and sorts and then start meditating, as if they do not feel uncomfortable doing it.

I really wanted to learn how I will be able to meditate until a friend asked me if I wanted to be taught about it. The best thing to do this is by learning how a cat does it.” I just couldn’t help but laugh at this. “No really,” he said, “watch it. Observe every movement it makes. Just try it–then come talk to me.”

The morning after our talk, curiosity struck me, and so I tried watching the cat and, well, I shall say, I was really surprised. Right there and then, I already learned that a cat really does it. Even though you may sometimes think that the cat is sleeping, still you will discover that it is not and it is so aware and conscious of what is going on around it, it is just listening to all the movements and happenings. The ears are moving constantly to catch all the interesting sounds. It is absolutely in the Moment.

I then have found out that the cat’s body does not seem tense at all, it is even so relaxed, but it is aware. The cat was never asleep nor unconscious. You will be able to discover this by how the cat reacts with the surroundings. It remained silent. Still. Becoming one with the world around it. Listening.

With how the cat does it, I realized that this might probably how it works. Body asleep. Mind awake.

Another good way to think about meditation is as the space between thoughts.

So, when does this happen then – this space between you own thoughts? This is actually during the time when no thoughts ever occur. When you meditate, it is best to do this during this time.

And when you find it, try to stay there as long as you can. You have to do it quickly before a thought pops out again. Try your best not to mind and pay attention to the thought. You will then realize that it will just fade away.

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