How to meditate

Take a look at this video about meditate:

A video over meditation, how to meditate.

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25 Responses to How to meditate

  1. Gh3rkinman says:

    I want that cosmic energy!

  2. tatoearashiga says:

    can a person meditate in a noisy surroundings? I live at a apartment. I always hear footsteps of people. It is really annoying. I can also hear the sounds of vehicles because a lot of vehicles pass by.I want to learn to meditate but with this kind of surroundings,i hear them while concentrating on my breath.

  3. mirbez says:

    Can I meditate on the toilet after reading a can of Scrubbing Bubbles to pass my bowels?

  4. ranjeetloveman says:

    this is best video if u want to be mediate than u should use this method it also improve your memory & thinking power & relate to god

  5. redsox2000000 says:

    I cant do this without bursting out laughing

  6. passsionatevarun says:

    do i need to get bald for this..

  7. olwen1987 says:

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  8. 1theblacksmith1 says:

    @Gator414 What I meant was negative long term effects to your body.

  9. Gator414 says:

    @1theblacksmith1…. It can have negative effects if you smoke a certain amount without being used to the “high”. I myself am a hemp smoker so i’v been through all kinds of experiences after smoking it.

  10. Ulmdorgr says:

    If you have found yourself, you will know that there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

    As for your request, you can practice yoga asanas and pranayam to achieve deeper levels of tranquility.

  11. mentalvagabond says:

    I feel comfortable with basic relaxation meditation and enjoy this immensely. Where too now? I would like to practice a few other meditation techniques but am unsure if there are ones I should begin with or if its personal preference. What would you suggest in moving forward?

  12. faythkx says:

    Tip: dont feed the troll aka haworth777

  13. angelpookiesw8 says:

    i cant just think of nothing!
    this is impossible!
    ive tried this a million times and i still cant do it!
    geeeeeeeeeeezzzz! whats the matter with me?!?!

  14. samuelseigal13 says:

    wow man ive tried it…it made me stronger and faster wow..i did 30 minutes of this i dont even need to sleep…

  15. 7266955481234 says:

    @haworth777… shut up

  16. haworth777 says:

    ok. yes, then Chi Kung is not meditation. different purpose

  17. NiteDragon95 says:

    Breathing natural and automatic do not give you the abdominal effect as a requirement in Chi Kung.

  18. haworth777 says:

    breathing is natural and automatic. no concern, no problem.

  19. NiteDragon95 says:

    May I assume that you are not breathing now….???

  20. haworth777 says:

    search ‘hagelin’ and view “scientific introduction to transcendental meditation” by Dr John Hagelin. He is one of the world’s leading experts. … or books: The TM, Book, How to enjoy the rest of your life, by Denise Denniston. and: “Transcendental Meditation : A New Introduction to Maharishi’s Easy, Effective and Scientifically Proven Technique for Promoting Better Health, Unfolding Your Creative Potential, and Creating Peace in the World” by Robert Roth.

  21. haworth777 says:

    not accurate. mediation is simpler than this. someone trying this technique would be disappointed.

  22. NiteDragon95 says:

    The only different is that my breathing getting longer, not shorter and never stops.

  23. shion255 says:

    TRance helps as a preparatory process, it will shut down the rushing of thouhts from the left brazin. Just get a fee of falling for a few minutes until you feel weirdly relaxed. Do it rights before meditation proper and it can very well make the difference.
    Things that also help :
    _lavender incense (in a slightly ventilated room to avoid bad effects)
    -eating a few basilic leaves (quiets the nervous system and no side effects)
    _maybe other herbal supplements.

  24. MrSPAZM1000 says:

    For those people who can already meditate try meditating with your eyes open I’ve done it and it’s real exciting, and another thing I did to solve my personal problems was that I imagined myself out of my own body looking at myself and meditated until I did like what I saw, while my eyes were shut on that one and it felt good!

  25. fatstan1878 says:


    haha, that’s just funny!

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