How To Cope With Athletes Foot Symptoms

Many people deal with the discomfort of athlete’s foot symptoms, even if they are not an athlete. It is so named because it is more common among those who are athletic or more active in general. If you have ever suffered with any of the athlete’s foot symptoms you realize the pain they can cause.

There are many common athlete’s foot symptoms. You might only experience one or even two of them. Usually you will not suffer with all of them at one time. However, you might have a different symptom every time if you get athlete’s foot frequently.

Many people have a burning or itching between the toes at the onset of athlete’s foot. Some have this sensation on the soles of the affected foot. Many times a patch of itchy blisters may break out. Sometimes the first signs of the fungus is cracking and peeling skin. This usually occurs between the toes or along the sides of the foot. There may be a patch of excessively dry skin that signals a bout with athlete’s foot.

Less commonly, athlete’s foot symptoms are found under the toe nails or in the toe nail area. The toe nails may become extremely thick or crumbly. Sometimes they simply become discolored. Toe nails may begin to look very ragged or even start to pull away from the nail bed.

There are many ways to cope with athlete’s foot symptoms. The first way is to try to avoid it by keeping the feet as dry as possible. If the socks get moist with sweat or they somehow get wet, change them as soon as possible. You may try taking your shoes off during the daytime when feasible. This will allow air into the closed off areas allowing the skin to breathe. Keeping the foot area dry is key to avoiding athlete’s foot.

However, you might be very careful with your feet and still contract athlete’s foot symptoms. This is especially true if you use a common shower. It can be spread in these wet areas but is more likely in a public shower area such as a gym.

To avoid contact with the athlete’s foot fungus do not share towels. It is also beneficial if you can use a clean towel every time you bathe. Another way to help the healing process or prevent the fungus from growing is to spray the shower with bleach water after each use.

If you do experience any or all of the athlete’s foot symptoms a topical anti fungal cream will be beneficial. It can be obtained at your regional pharmaceutical store. Follow the directions on the container. This will speed up the healing process and keep the fungus from spreading to other areas.

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