Ideas to Help You Remember Your Past Lives

Do you know there are many more individuals who do believe in reincarnation than there are that do not? For some it is a way of life as in the instance of Buddhists and Hindus, as part of their religious beliefs. While many may be merely curious or looking to explore answers to some of the mysteries of life, many others may consider that it just makes the most sense when considering past lives. There are various ways to find out more about your past lives.

Write Down Your Experiences

One of the best ways to learn about your past lives is to begin a journal. You should write down the things you experience, even those experiences that may seem insignificant. While including the way you feel about any event, since our emotions are the strongest clues we have, that may relate to a past life. Journaling your experiences creates a written record that can aid you in piecing your clues together when using it later as a reference.

For those in search of answers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that one can most often come across numerous clues if only you’re willing to search for them. An effective way of doing this is to draw up a list of all the things you like as well as all the things you don’t like. These lists could include a vast variety of things such as feelings towards certain cultures or religions or even particular foods which you may find to be important in your life. Additionally, personality traits such as your temperament, your talents and even your fears, are all gateways to further clues regarding a past life.

Record your dreams as best you can, since past lives may show up occasionally while you dream as well as any time that you may get a hint of a past life. Keep in mind that dream symbols may be reprehensive of both present and past lives and they may carry a meaning for you personally for either the present or the past. It is a good idea to present yourself with a suggestion, before you go to sleep, that you want to learn about your Past lives. When they come to you, simply write down everything and anything you may remember.

Past Life Regression Therapy

If you have the means to go to a professional past life regression therapist, go for it! They can help guide you through a regression and help you interpret the information you receive. There are a few places that train and certify these therapists. The International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies and the International Association of Past Life Therapists both train and certify professionals in this discipline. They may be able to help you find a therapist in your area.


Meditation is another method of exploring your past lives. This is a private way of discovering information about past lives and needs discipline when trusting your own instincts and feelings about received information.

During meditation it is normal to feel as though you are daydreaming and images will be flowing in and out of your mind whilst valuable details come through at the same time. Make a note of what you experience and then look through your notes later on. Your mind will pick up on what you tell it to; just at it will not pick up on anything at all if your approach is negative.

Some people meditate better using a visual stimulus, like a candle flame, while others find it easier to meditate with sound. This can be a recorded guided meditation session you get from a therapist or a certain piece of music or just sounds, like the “om” sound or Tibetan bells.

A relatively new development using sound technology has been shown to have very promising results. This therapy known as “binaural beats” is performed by playing sound waves in each ear but with slight variations in the frequencies. Current studies tend to suggest that a feeling of deep relaxation is instantly experienced, similar to that which is experience by Zen monk when they meditate.

Whichever method appeals most to you make sure you can meditate in an area that is peaceful and that you won’t be disturbed.

Get yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down and ensure you are in a positive frame of mind. When things you do not want to think about enter your mind, acknowledge them and then let them pass. This may not come easily at first but with a little practice it will be second nature. Simply concentrate on nothing except relaxing and focus on your heart. Should any questions arise, ask them and then move on. You will discover the answers come to you when you are least expecting them.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation or not, if the images you receive actually help you to solve any problems, then your efforts will not have been in vain. For many people, proving the authenticity of the images they receive is at best, impossible. On the other hand, there are many people who receive images of such a nature, that they are indeed able to research places or even names which have been revealed to them.

Another thing often discovered is that those close to you now also played a part in your previous life, although the relationship may well be different. For instance, your father in your present life may have been your brother previously.

Whatever you may believe about reincarnation and past lives, most people who do try regression find what they receive to be helpful and interesting, no matter what their initial belief.

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