In Past Life – Past Life Regression Therapy And What It Is All About

What are the basics of Past Life Regression Therapy? Well you are wise to ask because it is not that well known. In actual fact it is a profound belief of reincarnation. Many people share this view but few look into reincarnation in any depth. Now after much research and the development of some amazing technology, a person who believes in having lived past lives may have human to human experiences and travel back through time via their minds to places they believe they may have trodden before in past life. This personal historical journey back into varies lives may appear to be very complicated but in fact, it it would seem to be a very simple procedure you can be guided through with ease.

How does this work? Well you have a right to know of course. Alpha and theta waves are tapped into and differing frequencies and lengths of unique sounds which act upon your brain waves. If you are concerned about uncovering a nasty past life where you were thrown into a cold dark dungeon and tossed moldy bread to feast upon, do not be concerned. The therapy promises to guide you gently into past lives and reminds you that at all times you will have control and a feeling of complete security. The feelings and emotions of any past experiences are said to be gently released from the effects on your mind and body.

No-one can argue that we do not live in a panic-stricken world with enormous changes, many of them unappealing and frightening. Stresses that have a negative impact on our minds and bodies and the rapid pace of life in this age. No wonder there are many of us downing tranquillizers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants in an attempt to thwart all the stresses and strains of life. But ask yourself this question, what are these drugs doing to my body in the long-term because I will probably need to take them all my life!

Drug therapy is another solution which we may try in an attempt to cope with the pressures of life. We have to ask ourselves how long we need to be on medication, how safe it is for our bodies and is there another way to cope without it? Chances are great that you will need to be on medication to deal with stress for the long-term haul. And that may, without you realizing it, even shorten your life by ruining your kidneys.

Belief in God, Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord and living to please God can be a great way of dealing with life and the use of prayer can also be exceptionally beneficial. But like everything, we all veer towards our own tastes and the Christian life may not be the one which pleases you personally for whatever reason under the sun. You may prefer alternative medicine, alternative doctors, esoteric books and practices. You do? Well then, this therapy is definitely for you.

By traveling back to past lives to compare who you were then and what happened in comparison to where you are now in mind, body and personal growth may provide the answers of how to deal with them through using this system. Sights and sounds, emotions and deep-seated hurts could be holding you back in this present life. By reliving them and clearing them this therapy promises an almost instantaneous improvement in happiness, lifting of depression, improvement in self confidence and even an aversion to poverty in a past life now tuned in to a prosperous future.

How do you go about this? Well you will be taught how to relax in preparation for deep meditation through the use of the latest advanced audio technology. A free set of six series helps you to through this easy process. They are down-loadable in PDF format e books. The eight-part audio technology set applies not only the special sound waves already mentioned, but by playing them in each ear through a set of earphones has a very influential effect on brain waves. (These audios are also, incredibly, free). It is important to note that for a limited time you may also acquire two very powerful affirmation videos from the website as well.

Much research has gone into the development of this therapy and now it is available to you in the comfort of your own home, providing you with the benefits of guided deep hypnosis for a period of thirty minutes per session to assist you in the process of recalling your past life experiences. Because this website would like as many people as possible to benefit from their therapeutic therapy they are giving the DVD package away gratis. There is nothing to pay except for posting and packaging.

Explore the phenomena of past life regression by visiting the popular website. Find out about past life regressions for yourself and get a past lives free video and audio DVD Package when you visit here.

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