Increasing Mental Sharpness With Central American MTB Action

How do the San Juan Howler mountain bikers who have no fear perform when they are trying to achieve course barriers that are incontestable. When dealing with top concerns, MTB racers concerns regarding Central American bike races are easily transferable. This article gives you some terrific ideas inspired by Biking Bravura that are not only grounded in common sense, but are also geared toward helping you live your life creatively.

In Every Race, the Mental Metal Wins.

[I:]The mountain bike champion for the ladies in Costa Rica is Ligia Madrigal. “Always smile, enjoy you life,keep riding.” Ligia’s website reads about mountain bikers! She is against taking drugs and supports training hard, making sacrifices, and doing what it takes to be the best. Her profession is graphic designing but come race day, she gears up and races with a pure unbridled passion that can only be achieved drug-free!!

Proponents of mind over matter include Chicago’s elite pro-cyclist, Anthony Ippolito, and San Juan’s course designer, Howler. He impresses strongly that every cyclist must learn to intuitively understand his or her limitations as these are very different from person to person. So it seems as if our minds have to be even tougher than the actual terrain.

“Train your brain,” Anthony suggests. If you’re an athlete who has reached an elite level of competition, you know that it is just as important to train your mind as well as your body. During a race, nothing — or at least very little – should come as a surprise, but having said all that, be sure you prepare for as many contingencies and surprises as possible so you can deal with and resolve whatever comes up as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Anthony also tells people never to be afraid to push yourself during the training process or in races, for that matter.

[I:]Our bodies are often stronger than our minds. But even so, you need to be cognizant of your body and care for it as well. He advises that you pay attention to whether it’s sending signals that something is not quite right. This goes along with life without limitations, lived to the fullest.

For instance, Anthony, who comes from the Midwestern plains, finds that the long, steep climbs of the Howler to be extremely “gut-busting.” Not only is he an extremely accomplished technical writer, he’s learned how to have fun on even some of the more technical parts of the course and the “screamin'” downhills.

The woman who won the women’s 2007 La Ruta de los Conquistadores, the world’s toughest mountain bike race, Susan Haywood a top American epic MTB racer tell us ‘Don’t wish for it to be over’. Take pleasure in every moment. The pain can even be your friend because it sharpens your awareness. Sue, that was some kicker!

Riding the Edge

Have both pain and joy as obverse sides. Mind overcoming matter means staying focused whilst experiencing the agony. Each person has their own method for handling what life deals them.

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